Any Doctors In the House?


Are you a medical doctor and what is your knowledge about roids?

Is there any long-term difference in retaining gained mass in taking orals versus intra-muscular injections with slow esters like enanthate.

That we are fighting estrogenic secondary effects make the gains more accentuated but more short-lived?

Does a cycle with both androgenic and anabolic components with emphasis on anabolic give a slower initial gain but which is more sustainable. Does it matter if IM or oral?

Is the main reason in effectiveness depend on user discipline such that taking orals evenly spaced out during the day can be hard with short half life orals. D-bol requiring 4-5 sessions per day.

Is stable dosing important or is before the workout or after the workout more important?

Ok many questions but it’s what has been on my mind lately. For anabolic compounds I think it’s more important with even dosing as it only gives you more rebuilding speed but not more strength except as a secondary effect after a a few days or 2 weeks.

Any question would be cool to have answered with some pubmed ref if possible. No I’m not writing a paper :slight_smile: I’m just beginning to think that IM or orals have vastly different dosing characteristics in terms of how much androgen will be in the blood at a given time. IM might do a more exponential falloff (but slow - almost linear) while orals are like sines that almost reach 50-100% (of full dose ED) time under androgen per day.

This means that IM has a more packed punch and is more efficient in keeping a sustained time with high androgen levels. The stable androgen levels might give the body the false security needed to grow even more muscle cells.

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