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Any Doctors Here?

ARE there any M.D.'s in the house?

I need to discuss some serious medical stuff but I do not have medical insurance at the moment- so I need some advice.

If you believe you have serious meducal issues – go see a doctor!

It is extremely difficult to diagnose someone through an e-mail and I doubt you’ll find a reputiable physician even willing to try.

Go to the ER, they have to treat you evern if you don’t have insurance. At least in Michigan.

There are several doctors on this site, but as stated above, it is extremely difficult to diagnose when not in person. Recommendation=go to a health clinic at a hospital, they are usually very reasonable and you may see a resident first, but it’s better than nothing…or you could go to an Urgent Care(if you’re typing about it on a website, it’s probably not ER worthy) or you could go to your local medicaid office and try to get some coverage.