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Any Discounts/Sales Coming Soon?

Are you guys going to be having any ground breaking supp discounts or sales any time soon?

Just wanted to know so i could jump on them!


Not sure if you are a bird, but there’s a V Diet stack over on MWA.

What I want to know is why there isn’t one for males? It seems like they added Se7en to stop guys from purchasing it?

Also, TC had a very valid point in his Fitcast interview where he said, that if they announced sales before they occured, then people would stop purchasing their products until the sale started.

I think that this is a very fair point.

Sales seem to be rare. I wish I could purchase more Biotest products simply because of the great website and articles they provide, I just can’t afford it. While I’m sure the quality is great, some of their prices are just not for someone on a budget. $30 for fish oil? $30 for BCAAs? Yikes.

I’ll continue purchasing creatine from them and soon some ZMA.

I need a better job. I want Alpha Male.

My opinion is that if Biotest found a way of selling to the UK, they would absolutely make a fortune.

I am lucky in that I can afford to buy from BT. The majority of friends can’t and they would love to.

What the icing on the cake would be to actually sell to UK at a similar price that they do in the UK. They would then have the cheapest and most superior products on the market.

I am sure that they have investigated this and either didn’t find it currently feasibile or are actually in the process of doing it.

I would be interested in the company’s view on this, if they can make it public.

very good, points.

I only asked about sales because i did not make it back in time to finish my transaction for the beta 7 and creatine sale!!

that i missed out on and do not want to miss out on any again!

i really need a bulk supply of

bcaa’s, creatine and beta 7

so hopefully they will come out with something soon!

Probably the day after you order. So hurry up and help the rest of us out!

haha, nope just spent a few Green Backs this last week!

But you go ahead of me and let me know how much i will save…


You used to be able to get free shipping for lower on MWA site, and some guys would order Metabolic Drive and protein bars on there to save a few bucks. Not sure if that is still true.

[quote]SBT wrote:
Probably the day after you order. So hurry up and help the rest of us out![/quote]

That’s why I am level 0…