Any Difference Between 500+ and 800 T Levels?

I’m asking because I tested recently at 579. The place I went to said since I’m under 650 I’d qualify for TRT, and they’d keep me right around 800. The symptoms I notice most are low sex drive but I’m also wondering if it’s preventing me from gaining muscle/losing fat as well as I could be. It seems as I’m cutting I’m losing weight but not noticing a huge change in body composition, leading me to think I may be losing muscle, as well. I know some muscle loss can happen but I’ve been on Matador (2 weeks @ 70% maintenance / 2 weeks maintenance / repeat) to prevent this. Any thoughts?

What a joke. Run.

Also put units next to numbers for future reference.


Will do. So what makes you say that? Could you elaborate?

They want your money. Period.

You don’t need TRT.


I have no doubt they want my money. I also know something is causing the low sex drive and all my other blood work was good

You qualify for TRT based on a range of criteria including TT/SHBG/fT/LH/symptoms etc. You didn’t provide any additional info like LH/fT/SHBG. So far you have provided no evidence whatsoever you qualify for TRT unless TRT = some weird lifestyle regimen where you take your eugonadal level of 579 (ng/dl?, see you didn’t provide units) up to 800 ng/dl. You didn’t provide your LH level so I am going to assume you could easily raise your TT level to 800 ng/dl with hCG (which would pose less shutdown risks from exogenous testosterone therapy). Saying you qualify for TRT because your TT level is under 650 is asinine.

In short, you don’t have the knowledge / prep needed to embark on a lifelong medical therapy called TRT. How does any of this make any sense? You will shutdown your functional HPTA for a 221 ng/dl increase in TT. Won’t make a darn bit of difference in your physique given you need to fix all the other stuff that appears to be lacking (diet, training, etc). If you can’t diet to 8-10% BF, then you should practice that first before putting on the finishing touch (IMO).

MORONIC and malpractice as written…


Cutting = losing bodyfat = change in body composition, not understanding what else you expect here.

You’re probably not losing muscle unless if under 10% BF.

MATADOR is a solid protocol, likely about as good as it gets - good choice.

lol nice BUT…
I don’t think you’re a candidate for TRT. You only started getting these symptoms while cutting, right? Finish your cut, go into maintenance or a slight surplus, wait 2-3 months (in combination with proper diet, exercise and SLEEP), then re-test… you’ll probably be much better off and symptom free.

^If you aren’t, then it might make sense to pursue TRT.


My training/diet has actually been very on point for the past 6-8 months. I’ve lost 20 pounds while dramatically increasing all my lifts, and this was after being back at it for 4 months following a long layoff.
As far as TRT, yes this is something that I didn’t go into blindly and that is still a last resort for me. According to the staff I spoke with at the clinic I went to, their treatment plan would not have the long-term effects of traditional TRT as they don’t just pump you full of t but rather address various other hormonal issues to keep everything balanced. And yeah the level I gave was in ng/dl, the typical unit of measurement. As far as everything else, it was all where it should be when I got my blood work back.

As in what exactly?

Tell me more.

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If they’re giving you exogenous testosterone, your balls will shut down. Period.

I don’t think you should pursue TRT, and I think this clinic is one step above being “the big dude in the gym with the hookup”. Please don’t trust whatever snake oil they’re selling.


No, I’ve actually had the low sex drive for longer, mostly just not getting turned on when it comes down to doing the deed if ya know what I mean. But ok this is something I hadn’t considered since I’ve been cutting for about 5 months now. I want to drop another 7 lbs. then do a slow bulk so I’ll just follow the process and reevaluate in another 3 months after that. Thank you

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The big dude will at least jack up your TT/AAS levels if he is a decent guy and selling legit gear. This here is some weird fetish thing.

No. Your pituitary will most likely shutdown period with injectable T. You can keep the balls going with hCG (more or less, secondary hypo patient, etc, blah blah).


I don’t have all the info with me but it’s something I would definitely look into more thoroughly before I even considered it. Right now I’m just kind of in a process of elimination as far as causes and deciding what my next step will be.

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Good luck.

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There is a difference between 500+ and 800 ng/dL. Below are hospitalization rates for those with covid-19.

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No actually I don’t think there is based on these data (ANOVA result would not be significant). 200 vs 800 ng/dl, yeah.

Here’s what the study was powered to find or not:

800 is 500+

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I’d love to know the name of the “doctor” you’re dealing with. This is malpractice in spades.

Any amount of test will shut you down. I would go off asap. This isn’t the road you need.

I’ve been on TRT for almost 5 years now, because my pituitary gland is a mess. I tested repeatedly around 200 TT. Did they even give you more than one TT blood test (which i believe is protocol out of Merck manual).

I’ve had test levels well over 800 and still haven’t found a libido. Test isn’t a cure all, and yours is FINE without test. Please heed the feedback of this thread.


how many hours of cardio with a heart rate around 140 you do a week?
low sex drive can be caused by a large number of things.

Maybe it is preventing you from gaining muscle as good as if you were on a gram of test, but the difference between 500 and 800 wont be noticable too much.

Thats because you probably havent sticked to a diet, and calculated caloric restriction with same foods for 6+ months.
First goes the glycogen which makes us look flat. Then you lose the pump, and the fugly stage kicks in when you look smaller and therefore also fatter. Exactly the same happens when you are on a full blown steroid blast.
What you do is - hold on and just grind through it.
If you dont have a strict meal plan that hasnt been compromised for months, you basically havent been cutting, you have been yo-yo dieting, which is the worst thing one can do and can lead to the problems you described.

Most people overestimate their muscle. Inexperienced guys will stop the cut thinking they lose muscle while they never had it in the first place. If you are fat enough that you need a cut, take the number of lbs you think you need to lose, and then double or sometimes triple it to know the approximate number of lbs youll need to lose.
Most “muscle” on guys who already need to cut, is fat. It was never muscle in the first place.


You can pretty much eliminate that clinic for starters. They are taking advantage of your ignorance. Yes, you are ignorant but that doesn’t mean you’re stupid as you are here seeking out the proper info. First, you don’t likely need TRT but if you are interested then learn the terminology and proper processes. Spend some time reading to become your own advocate. Once armed, get real labs and come back to post comprehensive results.

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