Any Diet Tips?

Hey guys this is my first post :smiley:

Anyway I would just like to ask if anyone has a simple diet structure for a sort of training split involving 2 days a week of full body heavy lifting, 2 days of sprinting (sorta like the conditioning in the 5/3/1 book) and 1 more day of a simple circuit with bw exercises for time.

Split looks like this

Day 1: Lift
BB lunges
Pull ups

Day 2

Day 3
Plyometric pull ups
Push ups
For time

Day 4

Day 5: Lift
BB lunges
Pull ups

Day 6:

Day 7: OFF

Goals: Drop from ~15% BF to around 10% bf, Get to a 100kg bench (from 77kgx5) By the end of 2015.

I’ve been squatting consistently in the past but then i just found that i had some problem where my left leg, no matter how I tried, seemed to pronate outwards even before I started the rep (even with weights like 60kg).

Other stats would be 14 chin ups, 82kg bw, 18y/o

Anyway back to the diet advice, i was thinking of something like restricting carbs till post workout or something like that? or would something like the Anabolic Diet with carbs around workouts be better? If someone could share some advice on what would be a good eating plan or structure that would be rly great :slight_smile: thanks!

And a slew of articles.

Hi thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Yes I have read that article and I do feel that what most coaches would agree I is that they would simply cut a little calories and keep protein high. I wonder if trackig everything is absolutely essential though? If is it okay to just focus a little on food choices and stuff since I’m not even trying to get super shredded or anything .

Also I find that these plans don’t really take into account lots of sprints and conditioning (relative to normal weight training programs), so I was wondering if any sort of tweaks would be required to help achieve my goals.

If you are not religious about the BF that you want to achieve, then not counting is quite allright. I always tell people to track their calories for a week or two to figure out where they stand. Most people are way off when it comes to what they are actually eating.

Cleaning up your food choices are what most people need. A cheat meal once a week is fine. Just keep the rest nutritionally dense (as opposed to calorie dense) and seriously look into peri workout.

Want to do more sprint and conditioning? That’s fine, just gulp a SWF, Plazma or MAG-10 (or equivalent depending on budget and intensity) and you are golden. Keep in mind that lowering calories is personal. You have to figure out what it is for YOU. The mirror and your belt are the best tools.

So, erm in other words …

  1. Track food intake for a while
  2. Clean up food choices
  3. Work on workout nutrition

Would that be sufficient ?

You did ask for a simple diet.

And yes, that simple.

The hard part is sticking the course and making small changes if needed.