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Any Diet Help Appreciated

Hey guys,

So after $400 on personal trainers, and 2 visits to the gym, I go in for a nutrition consultation. Their supposed ot help me make up a diet I can use right? WRONG!! it was a 1 hour sales pitch.

The guy told me for $499 they can help, otherwise the $400 I paid for the personal trainer wont work, I won’t see any results. I asked him why he didnt tell me this when I bought that $400 worth of sessions and if i could get my money back, and he said he ‘thought’ he did and no I cant get that money back.

So anyways, I just left didn’t even bother with those money hungry idiots and I came here.

Im pretty confident about tis place and maybe we can somehow come up with a diet I can go through.

Now I have no idea where to start. I will give a little bit of info about myself and what Im trying to achieve.

Height - 6’ 1"
Weight - 155lbs
Body Fat - 12%
Age - Just Turned 20

Im not trying to become a body builder or get really huge. Im just trying to tone up, get some muscle mass and maybe gain a few pounds.

The problem with my diet is that Im a very picky eater. I have a very bad gag reflex, if it’s something I dont’ liek to eat it WILL come up.

Some of the things I DONT liek are, pretty much every meat ( besides chicken breast, hotdogs, & turkey breast) I don’t like Milk, & cheese.

For things I do like are Fruits & vegetables, I can eat these things all day. Chicken breast. Salads (no dressing)Hotdogs, toast, Potatoes.

My current diet is all over the place, I usually don’t eat in the morning, maybe a piece of toast or somehting. Lunch maybe some potatoes (mashed, grilled) some chicken breast, green pees cucumber. Breakfast, usually something unhealthy, liek a pizza(pepperoni) or some macdonalds(only the nugget meal).

I knwo this may not be enough information but hopefully it can get us started somehow, if someone could help point me in the right direction that would be great.

Sorry about the massive amount of typos but it’s getting pretty late, and im tired as hell.

Thanks everyone,

First off eat a good breakfast. Not just cereal either. Oatmeal and fruit is a fine breakfast, but try to get some protein in there too, either with a shake, some eggs, or fish.

Second, try to eat 5-8 smaller meals during the day rather than 2-3 big ones. Also cut back on the carbs the closer you get to bedtime. Chicken and veggies even with butter or a vinagarette is excellent.

Third (this is a must) click on articles search function and type “Berardi” the articles there will provide you with all the info you need and more.

Thank you very much. Im searching for the articles as I type this.

Another question I had was, After my workout, what should I eat, anything before?

I keep hearign about these shakes and powders, if I cant find any of these can I substitute some kind of food for it?


Hope these help and come on back we’ll be waiting.

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