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Any Decent Gyms in Cancun, Mexico?


Does anyone know of a good gym in Cancun? Thanks.


If you find one, I am moving there.


Dude, its CANCUN. Just get drunk and plow college chicks. A week off of training wont hurt.



I'm bringing this thread back because I have the same question. I wouldn't lift on vacation unless I had to, but I do (nationals in august). So does anyone know of a gym in Cancun with at least one squat rack and a decent bench press?


Best option is likely to do some searches online and look at gym photos



I checked out a few of them and these are the best ones I've found: Cancun Gym (not much info on this one), Flex Gym, Golden's Gym, Fraganti Gym (not really sure about this one, no info really). I just need a damn squat rack. Someone point me in the right direction


Where are you staying? My hotel had both.


Just got an email from the manager at Golden's gym. They have 2 Icarian squat racks and some decent benches. Judging from the pictures I don't think I'll put any holes in the floor deadlifting.