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Any Danger for Heart Doing HIIT Cardio While on Cycle

Like the forum title says, I’ve been doing super high intensity crossfit type circuit training or HIIT boxing workouts 3 times per week where I push myself to the brink on every workout, finish with all my clothes soaked through, super high heart rate and gasping for air.

Since Ive had my home gym for about 2 months now and plan to continue getting back to where I was pre shutdown, maybe 2 more months , before running a cycle, is that level of intensity in cardio dangerous when on cycle?

I know the blood is thicker, cholesterol changes, blood pressure increase plus many other changes that put a lot more stress on the heart occur during cycle so figured I’d run it past the experienced guys here, thanks.

Correct. Cardio helps with the cholesterol and BP. If anything it helps make using AAS safer. People forget that their bad cholesterol will go up, which is why it is important to do more cardio than usual and avoid foods high in fat while during cycle…


I boxed 3-4 days a week while I was cycling, always assumed it was good for me while on AAS. Never thought about a lot of cardio putting too much stress on the heart, but my guess would be it’s ok

Cardio might stress the heart and lungs, but its a good stress. Assuming you were healthy before you started the cycle you should be fine.

There’s a big difference between this and LISS cardio. I’m not of the opinion that what you are doing is a good thing while on cycle.