Any Critiques on My Plan?

I just need some opinions on my diet, and to see if need to make any changes. My diet focuses on maintaining my weight but switching fat for muscle. Obtaining a slimmer physique while maintaining the same weight. I’ve been doing this diet for about two months, I expect to see minor results at the 6 month mark but making sure this diet will be suitable for my future results.

Height- 5.9, Weight- 170
I have a endomorph physique if that helps
I Workout on a 5 day split focusing on 2-3 muscle groups excluding legs for about 1-1 and a half hours a day. I do not do cardio but open to adding it to workout routine.

Per Day
Calories- 2023 (weight x 12 = total calories)
I’m up for changing the calories amount if this is incorrect.

Diet- 30% Protein / 45% Carbs / 25% Fat
Protein-0.90 grams per lb. of body weight
total- 153 Grams
Carbs- 228 Grams
Fat- 56 Grams
The Carbs and Fat im lenient with, so I don’t really focus on but make sure they don’t over the require amount.
I drink a gallon of water everyday

Any questions, or comments will greatly be appreciated.

Do cardio.

What foods are you eating to hit these macronutrients?

Protein shakes high in carbs, chicken breast with Mexican rice, oatmeal, eggs, salmon. I do not meal prep but I do always add a protein into every meal I have.

Eat some vegetables. Include some monounsaturated fats. Fruit would probably be good too. Consider some fattier cuts of meat.

This is my first post so don’t go too hard on me, but I just need some opinions/ critiques on my workout routine to see if it good or needs some more additions or needing change. I have been doing this Routine for 2 months bur expect to see some minor improvement by the 6 month mark. I am also intermediate-lifter if that helps.
My workout routine focuses on just building new muscle and switching fat for muscle, I don’t focus on a singular muscle group but would like to focus on legs and chest. Consist of a 6 day split, focusing on 2-3 muscle groups per day excluding legs.

Workout Routine per day
-example (3x8) 3 sets of 8

Deadlift (4x8) each set going up weight up to 85% of max, final set burnout
Leg Extension (4x10) each set going up in weight by 5 up 90% of max and last set burnout
Leverage squat (4x8) each set going up in weight up 85% of max, final set burnout
Calf Raises (4x10) same weight each set but its 90% of max
weighted Lunges until failure

Triceps/ Chest
Dips 30 reps with body weight
Triceps Pushdown (4x8) each set going up in weight up to 8 rep max, final set burnout
Incline or Normal Chest Press (4x8) each set going up in weight up 85% of max, final set burnout
Military Press (3x8) each set going up in weight up 90% of max, final set burnout
Triceps overhead press (5x8) each set going up in weight up to 8 rep max, final set burnout
Chest Press (4x8) each set going up in weight up to 8 rep max, final set burnout

Biceps and Back
Military Press (3x8) each set going up in weight up 90% of max, final set burnout
Long Pull (4x8) each set going up in weight up to 8 rep max, final set burnout
Barbell row (4x8) first set 8 rep max then each follow set lowering in weight
Bicep barbell curl (5x8) each set going up in weight up 90% of max, final set burnout
Lat pulldown (4x8) each set going up in weight up 90% of max, final set burnout
bicep pullups until failure

Any questions or comments will greatly be appreciated.

Okay great, thanks but the macros amount and total calorie intake is accurate?

I don’t know. That’s why I didn’t comment on them. I’ve never counted a calorie or macro in my life: I don’t find that to be a sustainable lifestyle for me.


What specific results have you seen in the last two months?

This is typically counterproductive to improving body composition.

How so? What are your PRs on the big lifts?

Doing basically the exact same sets and reps for every single exercise all week long is inefficient, at best. That’s the biggest thing that jumps out as needing improvement right off the bat.

Exercise order within the workouts could benefit from an overhaul too, since you typically want to avoid working smaller support muscles (like triceps, shoulders, or biceps) before working the larger muscles they assist (chest and back).

I don’t know how much your max is on the leg extension, but advise you to go higher in reps and lighter in weight. Those can be hard on your knees.

And be careful on the dips too, I like dips and went dip crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: in the past. But they stress the shoulders, not in a good way.

Compound lifts should always be done first after warming up. One of your goals should be not getting injured.

Really?! Respect. Have you ever needed to cut, or more or less always stayed at an acceptable level of leanness?

My leanness is a fairly recent endeavor: one of those things where I decided to see if I could do it since I didn’t have any other challenges coming up (COVID canceled all my strongman plans). I had put on a lot of weight prior to that by design, as I was trying to move up a weight class. But I’ve gained and lost weight plenty of times and never needed to count a macro or calorie to do it.

I’d like to get to that point. I wonder if you were to actually track for a month or so what you’d discover. I’d venture to guess you probably are pretty consistently hitting same numbers that are conducive to maintaining a healthy body comp, even if by mere intuition.

I imagine so as well, although I’m not at all relying on intuition. I have a voracious appetite and never know not being hungry. Completely eliminating carbs from my diet went a long way, and then operating off food lists (good/bad foods) to navigate has helped as well. The big thing is mindfulness when eating. People just want to fill up their plate and then eat every bite. I’m aware while I eat and know when I’ve had “enough”

Gotcha. So you’re still qualitatively strict, if not quantitatively.

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Absolutely. Always believed that good decisions were the key rather than counting and tracking.

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Run through TNation programs. Either of these a good start…

6-9months down the line jump on the 5/3/1 train

x2 do cardio also.

Lots of:

I’d avoid this. Taking 1 exercise to failure - maybe 2 depending on how you recover is okay. But 5 exercises on bicep / back day all to failure. More is not always better.

This as well. Not so sure.

Personally I’d run the Strength training collage edition from this site. Its push pull legs. But if you want to work out 5 times a week you just keep going through the cycle. Or find the “tried and tested body building” template again from Tnation. This will tell you exactly how to set up your training.
There is no need to reinvent the wheel.