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Any Critique on My Technique? Deficit Snatch Deadlift

Would greatly appreciate any advice on making this exercise more efficient. I am working on most bang for buck exercises during this quarantine.

For starters, stop looking up. There is no reason to hyper extend your cervical spine while lifting.

Second, why are your knees so far forward? I see that the plates are small so maybe you don’t need to do snatch grip. You could also place something under the plates to raise them to a better level.

Watch this and compare yourself to his technique.

I agree with the looking up thing. Just keep your head in a neutral position. You might run into some problems down the road deadlifting like that


I didn’t even watch the video, so when reading JM’s post I didn’t know what “looking up” necessarily meant.

Scrolled down, saw this, and man am I still laughing hard.

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Wolf is in neutral though

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Lumbar-wise, yeah, cervical-wise, nah.

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I watched this last night and can not see how you move like that. Your knees come so far past the bar. Your back is so up right. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Love him - or hate him - Rip does a great job here. Sure the set up in a bit different due to the deficit. However this is still going to be so much help.

Read this, watch the video above and REALLY digest them. Then come back with another video. Good luck.


to be honest, I don’t think you’re at the level to be adding all sorts of variations. But this is a good time to work basics.

If I were you, I’d stick to regular deadlifts (they’d be deficit anyway with plate size), and maybe even RDL till you get the positioning right.

If you really wanna work snatch grip, do snatch grip RDL:

Also to add, if I didn’t compete in powerlifting. I’d probably only do RDLs


Only real reason to do this thing if you’re doing O-ly. So your knees will be forward, but not as much as our jelly-spnie friend

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I’m guessing he’s trying a harder version because he’s out of weights…which actually makes your comment about RDLs more valid.

You are correct but I didn’t think the OP was ready for that distinction…nor am I qualified to talk about it since my first pull and deadlift look the same. :smile:

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To me, the RDL is a pre-requisite for the Deadlift off the floor. But yeah, it is a harder variation too.

I’d be interested in seeing dude’s deadlift form. Because I think he can still benefit from the weight he has with a plain ol deadlift.

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You’re using small weight plates, which is already creating a several inch deficit. Creating an additional deficit and a snatch grip is just way too much. What you’re doing now isn’t even a deadlift. Just pull from the floor with a regular grip and you’ll already be in a big deficit.

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