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Any Correction Welcome !

I am 55, training regularly since january to stay fit/young. After some joints issues, rest, 2 weeks of light loads/rehab i planned my next 4-8 weeks like this.
a b A B a b off
A B a b A B off
a = upper body 12 reps
b = lower body 15 reps
A = upper body 8 reps
B = lower body 10 reps
third week would be over reach adding 20-25% sets/volume
fourth week rest but work out for 5 days abs and calves that will have been resting to allow me to do high volume on other parts the first 3 weeks.
Daily would be 50 minutes WO at gym, about 4 hours later 25 min. at home.
If all goes well repeat weeks 1 to 4 with about 8 % heavier, minus 2 reps per set, some new exercises.
Generally 6 sets per exercise about 60% compounds.
At gym 4 exercises lower, 5 exercises upper, at home lower 2 ex., upper 3 ex.
Never reach failure to save CNS, no focus on eccentric for speedy recovery.

Thanks for your honest input.

If your new dont try to make up your own program research the most popular beginners programs and start there. I would suggest getting Wendlers 5/3/1 book and reading it. It is a great program and will help you stay healthy why your body gets adjusted to lifting. If you follow his program to include the conditioning you will easily feel younger and fitter in 6 months and should stay injury free.

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