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Any Cops Here?

Hey, I’m in gr.11 and I’ve recently been thinking bout becoming a cop. I got outta the whole bad-boy scheme of mind and we’ve had presenters in our class that used to be cops, on SWAT, head self defense guys of full contact fighting at police academy’s and such and that are now detectives and superintendents. Pretty inspiring stuff to me and I’m just wondering because the cop thing seems cool to me but I really rather much join SWAT, and eventually become a detective.

Any recommendations on schooling grades you need, what kinda schooling AFTER high school…I’m not that good in school so I’d porbably have to like try REALLY hard to get into a university and study like a mofo 24/7. But if that means I can become a cop then I’m willing to do that. Any help?


Criminal Justice program, baby. A nice perk is that you’ll get to sit next to a lot of football players. Hell, ask them questions about training. You’ll be getting a 2 for 1.

Good luck!

I know that the highest paid Police Dept. In florida doesn’t require anything but High School.

But education is only a small part of what it takes.

If you’ve gotten speeding tickets/other moving violations. They usually have a scale, 1 ticket in the last year 3 tickets in the last 5 years max. Anymore and that will disQ you. (This is because insurence corps will not insure people who have gotten tickets to drive cop cars)
Gone bankrupt/have bad credit (Probably not at your age)
Or have any kind of record having to do with theft/fraud you will not get hired.

After that you can apply to be in SRT (Usually waht SWAT is called now.) And eventually (After 2 years) the DB (dectectives bureau)

Hello, I’m on the Job in PA and its a great job. You just have to follow your dreams. Different departments have different hiring requirements. Some Depts. require only a High School Diploma and others require 2-4 year degrees. There is alot more competition for the job with depts that have no secondary education requirements, the degrees help weed out some of the applicants. Find out where you want to work, see what there requirements are and then do whatever you have to do. Take as many police applicant tests that you can it will get you used to the hiring process anf the oral interviews. As far as ERT, SERT or SWAT that will come with time, you have to put some years on the job first to get experience, just do your best.