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Any Computer Geeks?

I'm using a proxy avoidance site(vtunnel) to go into some sites that are blocked at work. I could go in the site but I cant see the video. It tells me something like, "You need to install plug ins and to turn on java script,but I already have the latest installations and javascript is on. Interestingly enough, Youtube does work fine but not metacafe and porn(I work at night nobody is there) .It Tells me to intall adobe player but like i said, I have everything already .Please help. Thanks in advance for all answers


What browser are you running?


fire fox.

But same problem with ie.


Smoke some more angel dust, homes


ok, but first let me fix this problem.


In that case I'm just guessing Vtunnel won't allow the scripts to run properly on your end. Probably not much you can do about it other than bypass the content filters locally.


Remote Desktop to your home PC.

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