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Any CO Strongman?


Hey there gang! I know theres lots of fell Coloradins out there, are there any strongman or (ametuer)powerlifting events anywhere in or near CO?


Not a strongman but this has gotta be THE best state in the entire freakin country and I've lived in several. Denver is pretty damn good for being a mile above sea level. Numerous available beautiful women, great weather, good economy, everything Xcept legal juice (but I'm sure the informed voters here are working on it and the home of Tmag... what else can u ask for?


Your best bet is to google it man, from the comps that i know of or have heard of they are either pretty few or they are pretty lame, (bench/curl, squat/overhead press) some pretty wild stuff.


There are a lot of highland games in the summer.



I have yet to visit any of these gyms, but I have talked to a couple of people. I think one of the gyms does strongman stuff every other saturday morning or something like that. Keep me informed if you get any info.



There's a bench press comp in Denver in March.


I met a few guys from Colorado at the New Mexico strongman contest a month ago. Nice guys and strong too. I'd try searching around if you're looking for a group to train with.