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Any Clubbell swingers out there?

char-dawg I do try and proofread… Sometimes, I submit my threads too quickly… I am trying to make my threads more grammatically and w/ less typ-o…

I am just tried and piss off at cetrin members of the forum… Just because they on the whole maybe have less typ-o errors and grammer errors then I do… And they critize me… Where I do spend a lot more time on this forum then they do… It just piss me off… Thats all… Granted that everyonelse has other jobs so that they can’t be on the forum as long as I can… I will be going back to work on monday so you will be seeing less posting from me…

Again I think this is a great place to learn and grow in the fitness indursty there is nothing out there like this…

Haha, hi-jacked like a mutha.

It’s all good though, seems the clubs aren’t very popular around here.

Getting hit by a car causes cancer?

Oooooohhhhh, I’ve got to continue with the hijacking of this thread.


I’ve been patient. I’ve been kind. I’ve been, for far too long, forgiving.

But something needs to be said. I want you to take a loooong good look at your last post. Really read it. And tell me if you find anything at all wrong with it. Because if you don’t - you’ve got some issues. And if you do, than really work on improving them.
And it ain’t because some of the fine folks here are “grammatical/spelling snobs”. It’s because the majority of the time, I cannot figure out what the hell you’re trying to say. So, I scroll on. Past your posts. I don’t have the time to interpret your posts. So I move on. And your posts become snapping fingers gone. And forgotten.

Get it? It ain’t because of the “passion” you have. If it were “passion” you would take the time to proof read your posts. Since, that passion would make it all the more imprortant for your message to come through here.

And it can’t be due to English is a second language. Gawd, weren’t you born and raised in this country? My mother came here from Canton when she was an adult. She speaks AND writes English clearly and concisely. AND she’s self-taught. She has less than a high school education.

I could go on. But I won’t. I do not intend to hijack this thread any further. You know, I ain’t perfect. None of us are. I’ve made some errors in my own posts occasionally. But the fact is, I’ve noted them and make concious efforts in improving. You have not.

Oh, as for clubbells? I wouldn’t mind trying them. You know, just getting one to see what it’s like. Same goes for a sledgehammer. And a wheelbarrel. And some truck tires. And so on.

On the subject of clubbells and their effectiveness, I must point out that once again we’ve heard from extreme sides yet no argument on behalf of the logical balance point. I own a clubbell and am purchasing another pair. Similar to any specialized tool, when used in conjunction with a proper weight training routine clubbells can have desirable carryover effects for many different physical activities and/or sports. Furthermore, from a different yet important prospective, clubbells are fun to work with.

Whenever a new implement is introduced to the masses, you have two main groups: Those who latch onto the new object as though it were of divine origin, adhering to training with said object and said object alone simply because it ahs been in use for hundreds upon hundred of years and can “replace” all other modern tools…such as barbells.

Conversely, you have individuals who immediately shun the training tool as a “fad” that will quickly die out due to its having no value whatsoever.
No great beacon of guruship am I, though I tend to stay objective for such situations. If you are interested in diversifying training methods and forms I would suggest purchasing K-bells, clubbells, a cow bell, whatever does it for you. Dogmatism from either extreme will always cloud the reality of the situation.

MBE: “Making dogmatism the bitch it is since eleventeen thirty.”

I own a pair of clubbelles (ha? is this a misspelling?!), which are proudly homemade, thank you. Hell, I live in the Philippines for crying out loud. I can’t even purchase those yummy (as I gathered from several posts) Grow proteen powders (okay, I promise not to misspell again, ever) because that would cost more than an arm and a leg–it’s almost a month’s salary here!

Okay, so I rambled; sue me. But anyway, those damn clubbells are sure helpful in increasing the ROM of your rotators that the transfer to sport-specific exercises like overhead squats are “very” noticeable. Am I right, ryno bro?

But, granted even if I were lucky (okay, “fortunate”) enough to afford these babies, I wouldn’t buy them because it’s real easy to make them.

As for you fitone, I am with Joel and Pat here: your posts can indeed be quite uncomfortable to process in this here ol’ gray matter of mine. Don’t be stubborn. This is a forum where the majority of posters are English speakers. Don’t expect to gain respect without first proving you are worthy of it. Clarity is always the first criteria in communication.

Guess what? I got a fever! And the only prescription… is more cowbell!

MBE for Fanklub Prezadent!

Incidentally, fitone, is the “passion” you have for training akin to that which makes you cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs?

MBE: “Passiown3d. Since 7.”

-MBE Tag all rights reserved.

Just thought I would mention that Clubbells are really no fad in training - in fact they are without a doubt one of the oldest training mediums known. Unfortunately few really understand there proper usage and tend to try equate there use to typical modern weight-training protocols.

Best of luck in training.

In faith,

Coach Davies

As a former editor, I could pick apart the grammar of anyone’s posts here, including MY OWN. No one is perfect, so I suggest we all down some protein, relax, and stick to the topics. Fitone obviously isn’t a great speller. But unless he’s also a complete prick, he doesn’t deserve the level of ridicule he’s receiving. Poke some fun at him and remove the stick from thine own ass before trying to shove it up someone else’s. Isn’t that in the bible somewhere?

As for clubbells, I’m wondering if that wouldn’t be a wonderful tool for shoulder/rotator cuff rehab, which is something I need very badly. I’m also wondering if a sledge hammer might be a much cheaper alternative.

Coach D? T/N? T/N? Coach D? Why I never…

Sledgehammers are a great training tool for well, sledgehammer work but are used radically different than the Clubbells/Indian Clubs.

And yes the Clubbell can be used for re-hab of shoulders.

MBE - see you in a few hours & maybe then I can understand (LOL) what that meant.

In faith,

Coach Davies

Awww, but Coach, every time I explain one of my oh-so-cryptic posts to you I wind up dazed and groggy via clubbell beating.

MBE: “RenegOWN3D! Since 1818.”

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Hey Joel;
Don’t head up to Mnnesota, or FITONE may use his new clubbells for a different type of HIIT training!

Seriously though, the T-mag posting screen does not have a built-in spellchecker, so you?ll have to write it all off as the colorful exchange that happens on the internet? doodz!

And now back to training: Hypothetically, let?s say I?m saving the hard earned I get from volunteer coaching (i.e. $0.00) to buy Coach D?s upcoming book on Extreme Sports. I don?t have extra cash for a set of clubbells, yet I really need the rotational strength element they bring. How can I improvise? What if I take my old 20 lb chrome dumbbells that are rusting the garage, unscrew one end, and wrap coach?s tape around the threads? Now I?ve got an object that weights 11-12 lbs with the mass at the far end. Will this work, or is the handle too short? If I took my old barbell bar (solid steel) and cut it into two 24? sections, I could then use 4 screw collars and all those old 5 and 2 ? lb plates to make a club-like object. It would be adjustable too.
Whaddya? think y’all? Oops. I?m sorry: I mean What do all of you think?