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Any Clubbell swingers out there?

Are any of you guys swinging Clubbells around at all? I got a pair of 15’s a week ago, and I am hooked.

I went to Coach D’s workshop in MN last weekend, but it ended up being a private session. He showed me a few little tricks to get them going and damn they’re frying my grip.

Pretty sweet little tool, IMO.

I meating w/ Coach D and Garnt on friday… Can’t wait… same here it looks like a privite session w/ them suppose to be a workshop…

Dude, come on man, put some effort into your posts. Is this an act or do you really spell that badly?

Not “meating,” but “meeting.”

Garnt? Who’s that? His name is Grant.

Not “privite,” but private.

These are simple words to spell. And if you honestly have trouble with stuff like this, maybe you should look into composing your replies in a program such as Microsoft Word, which has a spell-check, and then copy the text into the message box. But honestly, no matter what, half of these errors could be corrected by simply going back and reading over your post before you hit submit (this is assuming that your education level is low and you really do have a problem spelling). Stop being so careless; it does not reflect the intellect of the majority on this board.

Also, use proper punctuation. Most of the time, people can’t even figure out what you are saying because you dont separate your sentences and ideas. And then when you do use punctuation, it’s always in twos or threes (Can somebody help me with this???); just one end mark will suffice.

Present yourself in a way in which you want others to view you. I’m just trying to help you out because individuals dont even want to read your posts at this point.


  1. Joel is correct.
  2. No clubbells here. Just another semi-gimmick tool. At best it’s a tool to ‘spice up’ training when things get boring. But let’s face it, no-one ever got really strong with these things.

If I want to build my strenth, I’ll work on pinch gripping a pair of quarters smooth-side out, in each hand. Or do weighted holds for time, etc, etc.

I don’t mean to slam you here, it’s just that I don’t have the resources spend on stuff like clubbells.

I am kinda interested in the clubs, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. BTW, the typos didn’t hurt my feelings.

I’m a huge believer in putting some effort into your posts (spelling, punctuation etc), but fitone’s first language isn’t English so he gets a little bit of a break. And Joel, wasn’t it you who spent a few months writing everything in ebonics? Let’s not get too high and mighty, yo.

Clubbells: An interesting tool, but not really for getting big. A agree with the semi-gimmick comment. I’d like a pair though to play around with and maybe use on off days or for GPP work. Only problem is they cost more than even kettlebells, something like $1000 for a whole set. I’d hate to buy one pair and “grow” out of them.

Here’s a solution for guys like me who don’t want to spend the money make your own: Buy used standard 5 lb plates (I ended getting 60 lbs in rubber coated plates form a used sporting goods store for $20). Order two pair of bull dog collars from Iron mind. Go to Home Depot and buy two iron pipes 2’ long each. Grab some end caps. Thread an end cap on, then a collar, tighten collar, add weight, collar (tighten) and then screw on the other end cap. With the collar’s and end cap, the weight is staying put. You have got an adjustable pait of clubbells for under $60.00. If you want a wrist strap, loop a strap thru the collar nearest your hand. make the loop so it reaches the end of the club. Put your hand thru the loop and grab the club (you should wear work gloves). I got this club idea from Milo about a year ago and have had ZERO mishaps, swing the weight as hard as you can, just don’t hit yourself.

I bought the clubs mainly to work on my shoulder ROM. First time I used them w/ Coach Davies, they totally opened up my overhead squat. I could barely drop 3 inches before. One week after I got them, I got down to the floor (with a pvc pipe, not a barbell. I use the BB on M,W,F… and PVC on offdays). I’m happy with that. I warm them up with a series of Pendulum and Circle exercises. You could probably do them with a different tool, but hey…

I’m certainly not saying its the last tool you’ll ever need. It caught my interest, just like the kb’s, so I bought them. (actually, my gf bought them for me… couldn’t go wrong with that). Besides, any exercise where people look at me like I’m crazy… I’m all over that.

Ike, there have been plenty of folks that have gotten strong with clubs (not necessarily clubbells, but indian clubs or another variation.) Coach Davies was telling me how he thinks Scott shouldn’t have called them Clubbells. I agree with him, it does sound kind of gimmicky. He should have called them Indian Clubs (if he could have).

Joel: I know your a one those grammer police… You say people aren’t even reading my post.

Do I really care if they want to listen to what I have to say or not?

No! I don’t… If they choose to listen they will If they don’t who gives a flying f*ck parden my french…

I do respect your opinon on this forum…

Now why am I even on here is too learn more about fitness and if I can help anyone w/ the knoweldge that I have I will…

Ryan, sorry to hijack your thread, but I agree with Joel wholeheartedly. English not being one’s first language doesn’t account for misspellings that MS Word could catch (or misspellings of people’s names), crazy run-on sentences, or spastic punctuation. And regarding the whole ebonics thing, TEK, not only was that a purposeful form of humor, it was still more intelligible than anything ever posted by our Fit friend. Hell, even I purposely use poor grammar and spelling from time to time. It be funny, yo. Reckanize.

More hijacking…sorry.

So, let me get this right, it’s okay to write like a retarded 13 year old with self esteem and identity issues as long as you’re not really a retarded 13 year old with self esteem and identity issues?

I see your point of course. But as a founding member of the grammar police (I could be the chief even) it’s just annoying to see smart people choose to sound like idiots. It can be funny, but if someone doesn’t know you already they’ll just assume you’re a dumb kid when you write like that.

We all have our pet peeves! :slight_smile:

I agree that it doesn’t take much time to paste your message in a Word program to double check it. The new “preview” button should help too. Now if only people would learn the difference between “loose” and “lose” and “your” and “you’re”!

Usually I am the first to defend against the grammar police. But that is more so on the anal stuff, like you say to when you should have said too, but I have to agree with Joel here. It takes all of 30 seconds to copy something into Word or Outlook run the spell check and fix your spelling mistakes. It’s not that hard, really.

ryno -
Where in Minnesota was this workshop?

Another thing I think I put my heart and passion in a lot my post and thats why my msg gets across… Also, I made a few friends online so I think people are listening to what I have to say… Joel… There thing is that I come to the conclusion that I will never be A Dog pound memeber nor do I care to be one…

And do I care No!!! I find it more rewarding and to help newbies anyways…

Enough said… Joel
So please correct my spelling and punctuation on this thread…

It was in Eden Prairie. I guess that’s near Minneapolis, but I didn’t get a chance to go downtown so I’m not exactly sure.

Coach D was doing a photo shoot so he set up a training session.

My Dearest TEK,

In response to this question:

“And Joel, wasn’t it you who spent a few months writing everything in ebonics?”

The answer is simply, um, “Sure as hell wasn’t.” Let’s not get one or two off topic threads confused with a few months of posting, sir. Never have I posted a response to a T/N question in “ebonics.” And, I’ve been posting here for just about two years now.

Have a wonderously enjoybable day.

J to tha Izzo

For the last fucking time, Joel, Zev, et. al. He was HIT by a CAR and as such is absolved of all grammatical and/or spelling rules. Honestly, gentlemen, aside from becoming a veritable tractor beam for loathing and homicidal fantasies, I see no problem with the wont to consistently and relentlessly post sans editorial measures. From these arguments, I shall logically conclude that ur al jsut jellus.

MBE: “Putting the dolt in Adult. Since 1731.”

Over-criticalness is often viewed as a sign of strength

MBE I don’t know if your joking or not but. I truelly did get hit by a car also. I was a pedestrian… Walking across the street… So if u are joking please don’t joke about that… I been thourgh a lot more then most people have been through on this forum…

Agree with Joel. Wholeheartedly.

Also agree with TEK, sorta. But I do think that in the hands of a good writer (and there are a few around here, Joel being one of them, MBE being the outstanding example), some intentional misspellings and so on can add to the effectiveness of a post. But yeah, it DOES have to be intentional. (And TEK, if you want to be the Chief, I think we’re gonna have to have a run-off… :slight_smile: )

There have been times when I have read posts here that have been so poorly written that it was literally not possible to understand what was being said. In fitone’s defense, I will say that I have (I think) always understood what he was gettin at.

However, there’s another issue, which is one of simple presentation. If you’re not willing to at least TRY to proof your posts and make it easier for those of us reading them, then as far as I’m concerned the hell with you. There are people who post regularly on this forum whose posts I just skip because I know they’re going to be illiterate ramblings. I can confidently say that most of the DPers feel the same way. And thus those people don’t get the benefit of what will probably be pretty good advice.

Bottom line: you may piss some people off by not proofing, but the only person you’re hurting is yourself.