Any Clomid Success Stories?

I’m looking into possibly getting TRT for my low T, bioavailable testosterone at 1.93 with range of 2.5-10.

I’ve been thinking perhaps it’d be worth trying Clomid first?

Anybody have long term success using Clomid instead of TRT?

Some people have. I had bad side effects and stopped it.

BUT Its worth you try it! The only way to know for yourself. Clomid is not commiting, you can stop it any time out of blank and will not compromise your fertility, even increase it.

Just start 12.5mg EOD, give it 1-2 weeks and see how you feel. Nothing dangerous and committing.

The typical response to clomid is perfect numbers and no symptom relief or worsening of symptoms. I’ve never heard anyone that didn’t have side effects on clomid, hearing of success stories are rare.

Clomid is used more on young men and attempted to make it look like the doctor tried other methods before shutting down the HPTA of someone so young, TRT is frowned upon in the medical community and would look bad if your doctor just handed you TRT on a silver platter without first trying other methods.

This will look good for the doctor if the medical board decides to take audit the doctor, clomid will most likely not work, it’s going to make your doctor look competent. Clomid has dual action on estrogen receptors, it stimulates the receptors, increases estrogen and blocks estrogen in the brain with the purpose of increasing LH.

I have heard of men getting blurred vision or permanent eye floaters on clomid, only the floaters never went away. If you notice blurred vision, stop clomid immediately.

I read that a lot too but I dont think there is any logical explanation for this and I think it is all just a placebo effect. Many people want TRT and nothing else, they are not opening themselves up to other options. Long story short: they dont want it to work.


If you simply need a nudge to function correctly (like guys coming off a cycle) then Clomid has a great chance of success. If you have an actual physical problem like primary hypogonadism, then it isn’t likely to do much for you. Plenty of guys feel an improvement when taking it, risks aside, but crash right back down when they stop dosing.

Ive spoken to people for which clomid worked well. Its worth trying. Nothing to loose, just a little bit of time.

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Its not placebo effect. I experienced just that. Improvement of numbers and worsening of symptoms. I reads its because of the half-estrogen molecules

If your estrogen numbers look ok there is no way that this can matter.

Im just guessing. But the fact that clomid can raise numbers and do not treat symptoms - its defenetily not a placebo effect. Dr Keith Nichols who is one of the beat hormonal doctors has also said that same thing to me.

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Its true either way in its consequences, whether there is an actual difference or whether its just placebo.

The Clomid often fails to give you a good T to E2 ratio. It raises E2 quite handily, and Test a little less effectively.

With me that wasnt the case, my e2 was still too low after my short clomid treatment.

No Clomid success here buddy. We all eventually end up doing whats right. Injections.