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Any Chess Players Here?

Looking for some folks to compete with.
I play on Lichess with username CyclonEngineer

Just signed up:

Probs will be times when I take a few hours or days to move depending on work pressures!

This is a great idea, haven’t had anyone to play for many years and hate playing machines!

No problem

Good idea … polo77j just signed up … like polar bear games may not be lightening fast

I am not allowed to have my feel phone at work so slow games are fine with me.

Does it permit a player to randomly wander off for 15 minutes or two days? I’d love to play but never have anything resembling blocks of time for screwing off — and if I do I see my family I then.

This sounded like a good idea until I checked out the app and realized how long it’s been since I have played… lol

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Yeah, you can set up a casual “correspondence game” that has days in between each move.

There are the live chess games like blitz and rapid, but I figured most folks on here would prefer taking turns at their leisure.

I am not very good yet but getting slightly better.

Oddly, I seem to play better as black.

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Sure! Lol

This is a 2 day per turn game invite, random sides if anyone is interested.


I think that’s my generic open invitation to anyone who wants a game…

I started playing a bit on chess.com a while ago, I’m not very good at it so far, but I suppose with enough practice and learning a bit more strategy I can probably improve a bit.

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I am on that app too. Lichess has a lot free features that chess.com charges for.
It takes a lot to get good at. I still lose most games.

Only discovered @polo77j and @cyclonengineer so far… did anyone else sign up?

Here’s the url if anyone wants to play me:

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alex44938, just signed up

Game on!

New show on Netflix, queens gambit. I don’t play chess but it’s a super cool show.


I watched Searching for Bobby Fischer on Netflix a couple months ago and have been playing on Chess.com since - almost daily. I’m getting a little better and my rating is in the upper 800s currently and hit 900 before.

I can’t figure out ratings. On Lichess everyone is in the 1,350 - 2,000 range. I don’t know how that compares to anything else - anyone know?