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Any Changes to "Beach Window" Workouts?

Given that your training methods changed over time, what hypertrophy methods would you reccomend in your beach windows, to quickly hit a couple of muscle groups over 10-15 minutes?

Do you think it is acceptable to work more than 2 muscle groups if they’re small (I.e. side delts+traps+calves and biceps+triceps+forearms)

Those mixes seem acceptable. I feel that rest/pause and rest/pause with the addition of an isometric hold for time at the end of the set offer the most bang for your buck.

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How many sets do you reccomend?

How long do you reccomend to hold the isometric contraction?

2-3 per exercise. The hold is as long as tolerable once you’ve hit your last rep. Do the hold at the position of highest tension.

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Does this seem smart Coach for someone training 4x/wk

Take one of the two pairings (side delts+traps+calves & biceps+triceps+forearms) and do that three times per week. Do the other pairing the other training day.

Week 1: set to failure
Week 2: rest/pause
Week 3: rest/pause with isometric hold

And then swap the frequency of the pair? Or should there be a “week 0” with normal sets to deload?

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That is a very good progression. Week 4 would have no beach work. Then restart the cycle.


Honestly I could see it two ways:


Week 1: To failure
Week 2: Rest/pause
Week 3: Rest/pause + iso hold
Week 4: No beach work


Week 1: Normal sets 1-2 reps short of failure
Week 2: To failure
Week 3: Rest/pause
Week 4: Rest/pause + iso

In this case the first week of the next block is the deload.

The best option would depend on the stress level of the rest of your workout and recovery capacities.

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And what about myorep set, they allow to get 15-20 or so effective reps in a couple of minutes (which, I think would reduce the needed volume per muscle group per workout to just 1 myorep set). Am I right?