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Any Chance of Me Recovering Cold Turkey?

Hi, this is my first post on one of these forums. I am 26 years old and started taking testosterone when I was 22, unfortunately I liked it that much that I have never come off it until a month ago and I stopped cold turkey. I was not recommended by a doctor or anything I just started taking it myself, I also never got my levels checked before but I have no reason to believe they were low. The main reason I stopped was because of fertility issues I may have when I got older.

I just came here to seek some advice really, at the moment I feel kind of down, no motivation etc. Since I have quit cold turkey a month ago does anyone think I should keep going with the cold turkey route? Or do you think that I should start taking hcg or something? I’ve never done pct and I’ve only read about it. For the last year I have been taking 400mg every 2 weeks trying to taper down somewhat. Basically what I’m asking for is some advice as to what would you do. Any would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much guys.

First thing I’d do is get my levels checked.

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Thank you so much for your reply I’m gonna get on that straight away

If your hoping to get levels back naturally wait til you have been off for at least 3 months before you get bloods drawn probably closer to 4-6 months. If you aren’t up and running by then it probably isn’t gonna happen. In which case you could try a pct. You could try clomid, or you could attempt a restart.

Off topic but I’m really curious as to the gains/progress you made in 4 years of blasting testosterone? At what point did you notice the gains slowing down? Was it just testosterone during the 4 years? And at what dose?

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Hi, thanks for your reply. Ok so my levels should start to come back around 3 months and I should just sit tight and get my levels checked at around the 6 month mark?

As to the progress I made, yes it was always just testosterone, I was taking 400 mg per week for around 3 years and then I did that every 2 weeks for the last year. I started at around 63kg and I was up to around 74-75kg within a year, that’s with a really great diet and a good lifting routine. I really felt I hit a plateau with the dose I was on as my weight just wasn’t going above that, still I continued to take testosterone at that dose and incorporated more cardio into my routine which brought me down to 70-71 kg. I stayed here until I split the dose in half and I started dropping down to about 69, after a month of being off test my body weight is around 66-67 depending on the day.

There is no set time frame for a natural come back. It might take a year or two but it’s gonna atleast take 3-6 months especially after that long of use (abuse) the reason I gave a 6 month time frame is due to how your gonna feel. I doubt your gonna want to sit around for years with no testosterone and crossed fingers hoping for the best. If by 6 months it’s not back I think you should take action.

Honestly you could have easily fucked your system up permanently. There is a very good chance that trt is in your near future.

But you can always try the pct route or restart route first. If I were you I probably wouldn’t even wait 6 months with hoping it comes back jd probably take action now

Get blood work now. Otherwise you’re just guessing. After four years of being on gear you have zero idea what “normal” feels like anymore. You are completely desensitized. You want a complete hormone panel as well as cholesterol, rbc, hct, etc. Once you have that you can post it here and you’ll get some opinions on what you can do next. Get it done now. Once you have a data set you’ll be better armed to make an informed decision about what comes next.

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I’m going to the doctor today, thank you all for your replies and I I will post here how I get on for the next coming months.

Ok I went to the doctor today, he told me that he would be hesitant to give me anything, he did not suggest blood work and he basically said to give it time and if I’m not feeling better then come back to him. Any thoughts on this?

Fuck a doctor.

Your body your life take the matter into YOUR hands.

Order labs get a full hormone panel then go from there.

Oh and find a new doctor. Was this your pcp? Or an endo


did you bring up blood work?

Order labs from where? Yes this was my regular doctor that I barely know, I think I’ve been to him three times in total. Not sure if he has much experience with this kind of thing. I told him about this forum and he said stay away from online?

I mentioned it and he said he would be hesitant to give me anything anyway, he basically just kept going with leave it for a while and see what happens.

Discount labs.com

Dont go to a regular doctor for your hormones.

Dont get me wrong I’m sure he’s a great guy when you have a cold or need a referral but that’s not his specialty.

Find a endo and schedule and appointment. You can wait on that and the labs will probably be covered by insurance.

Me personally I’d order the labs and bring them into your endo appointment that way you can speed the process up.

If you don’t like the first endo shop around don’t settle for anything find someone you really feel cares about you and your situation

Fuck that Dr. This dude should ask or seek out a referral to an endo.

EDIT: I see you said that already. I don’t think waiting it out is going to be worth it, physically or mentally. Might as well get on TrT dose now.

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Get your blood tested before you do anything else. You don’t need a full male health panel unless you can afford it. Just buy TT/FT its one test 30bucks, LH and FSH I don’t remember the cost but it is cheap. LH and FSH to see if your pituitary gland is working. That is it.
So pituitary gland working?
TT/FT balls working?
Then go from there. Post those number and you will get some great advice.

Hi thanks for your reply, I’m not familiar with what TT/FT, can these be done at home as in ordered online, Or will I need to go to an endo? As I will have to wait (money) to see an endo and have anything done

Do you live in the US? IF so Google Discountedlabs and buy just the tests you need.
TT = total testosterone and FT= Free testosterone no these are not home tests you have to go to a LabCorp office with your pre paid blood test orders in hand get a couple vials of blood drawn and in less than a week you will have your blood values. It will look like this.