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Any Captains of Crush?


If there are any captains of crush here or closers of grippers as hard or harder than the number 2 ironmind then could you please answer a question for me.

When training with grippers i seem to get pain in my knucles which feels like an injury more than training stress. It's usually on the index knucle. I have stopped using them for about a week because of this on my right hand. I was wondering whther this is part and parcel of the process or whether i should lay off for a while and let it heal, or maybe use alternate exercises.

In place of grippers i've just been doing towel pullups for a few days.


In addition to any guys that may respond here, try to post your question on the gripboard (google should show it) or shoot an email to Jedd or Smitty at the Diesel Crew. Tons of experience there.



I'm closing the number 2 regularly, and the Heavy Hands 200 is no challenge, if that qualifies me.

Sounds like an overuse injury.

Stop for 2 weeks, ice it, and relax.

Pick it up again then.

If it persists, see a doctor asap.

Good luck!


Thanks for the feedback, as you mentioned i've already joined the gripboard but it hasn't been verified by admins yet. I visit diesel crew website quite a bit so know those guys were the pros for this kinda thing. However i didn't know you could email them. thanks again. :slight_smile:


No prob - if they don't have their emails posted in an accessable place on the site, shoot me a PM and I'll send you Smitty's.



Usually, when guys start out on the grippers, there is always some sort of discomfort. This is natural because you are putting your hands through a great deal of pressure which it has not experienced before.

If it feels bad enough, take a few days off and come back. Give yourself a chance to rest and heal. Pain is your body's way of telling you that something is wrong HOWEVER don't confuse some light soreness with a outright injury! You may have suffered some pain, but is it a pain you can work through? If so, cut back a bit - if not, take some time and rest.


Try some contrast baths too. SOak your hands in hot water for a minute, then cold for a minute. Repeat.


If your experiencing joint pain, take some time off and then start back slowly with grippers on the lighter end. I got certified in 2003 and trained through a similar injury and it set me back almost a year in my quest for the #4. Thankfully after some time off Im healthy now and getting my crush back.

So to sum up take some time off and then spend a couple of wks with the trainer or #1 and only work up to bigger grippers when your not hurting. Hope this helps and pm me or post here if you need any help. God Bless