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Any Canadians Order With USPS Yet?

I was wondering if some Canadians  here already ordered some stuff since the new shipping rates with USPS option is now available? Any input would be appreciated because I'm planning to place my first order today and would like to know if things changed with customs.


I'd like to know as well. Any Albertans make the plunge and order?


I've ordered several times in Ontario & never had any problems. I've only used USPS to ship one of the orders, but it came in with no issues.

I have to pay duty when I pick my items up of about 10% of the order's value.

Any other questions just let me know


I haven't had any luck as of yet. Still rely on SND for the time being.


USPS all the way. No surprise border/tax fees. Gets in quickly too.

For example, I once ordered some kind of vitamin from the US and the UPS border processing fees were something like $CAN 45 and the product was worth around $CAN 20.

Been using USPS ever since. Never had any surprises or problems.


What province are you in?




WOW! thanks for the input! so since I live in Quebec to I guess I will not have any problem with my order. (paying duty fees)


wow, this is great news! Im happy! im in quebec too and can finally order products, thanks Biotest! USPS is the best, bar none for getting stuff from the usa to canada.


Worst case you could have a tax fee, but its standard. Not some 40+$ whatchamacallit UPS border processing fee. Its one of those cases where goverment processes costs you less than private company border processes. Enjoy.


What is the best USPS shipping option between the ones offered in your opinion? (In terms of duty fees, tax,...is there any difference?)



What would happen if I ordered something from the USA that was illegal in ontario? would they still ship it?
Cursious to know?


It is your responsibility to make sure the products you order are legal for importation.

We make no claims as to the legality of the products we sell outside the United States.


I have always used the cheapest (ground). Cant say forspeedier` USPS alternatives (air, for example).


I'm from Alberta. What is SND?



Sports Nutrition Depot Canada

They sell numerous Biotest products.





USPS order

took about seven days or so to arrive, and on a $40 order (20 shipping) the duty was 9 bucks.



Ichh!Well, thats not a great deal then...

I would be curious to know how much would be duty on a bigger order.


That's what I'm wondering. I was hoping to get together a few folks from the Golden Triangle area (Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, and nearby towns) and see if anyone wanted to go in on a more sizeable order.