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Any Brewers Here?


Got some powders in and made my tren again, last time the powder seemed a little different, not as yellow. It did not seem as strong as it usually does. This time the powder is even less yellow and shit isn't wanting to hold in solution. I think my source (who I've been with for 2 years now) is going bunk on me. If so then I'm fucked!

It took me months to find them!!! Here are some pics of the stuff, the one on the left is from last batch and is still holding in solution fine, the one's one the right, hard to tell, but they are trying to crash and I brew the same everytime! Damnit, I'm thinking that there is some cutting material in the powder and they been putting more and more in every month. Shit doesn't hit me like it used to either.


That is still plenty yellow.

When the color is deeper, more brownish than that, it is from some of the material being oxidized.

However, as to why the bottle on the right is cloudy, I don't know. The filter should have taken out any undissolved material and there should be no cloudiness, though if you relied on heat then it would be possible for other material to be in solution at the higher temperature when filtered, but precipitate out later.

However, the amount of cloudiness that is visible wouldn't even come out to 1 mg of material.

I'd suggest refiltering and the resulting product should be fine.

The best trenbolone acetate as powder -- meaning, least oxidized -- is not a deep yellow by any means.

If anything the fact that your material is now not as easily dissolved suggests that it is purer now, rather than less pure.

(I'm assuming you're pushing it in terms of mg/mL -- if you provided the specifics then there would be more certainty.)


Next time I order some before I brew it I will post a pic of it and let you check it out. I think its being cut cause it has always been a light yellow and now it's more white.
Thanks for the help. If things get worse I'll just find another source. My bro got his in and it was GREEN! Tren came out green liquid! Think that was just an accidental shipment of the wrong product though! Ha! lol he brewed it anyway.


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I was going to ask about this.

All the tren I've ever.. acquired.. turned cloudy a few hours after falling into solution. I had a few bottles sitting around for weeks, and I looked at them, and there's sediment sitting at the bottom. I didn't think it 'crashed' per se, because it's painless gear, but it still doesn't make much sense to me, hah.

Is that hormone? Would filtering it a second time (and thus, removing the sediment) lower the concentration?


the hormone wont get caught in the filter. and the sediment wasnt affecting the concetration as it was sitting at the bottom of your vial, not dissolved in the solution.


This has happened to me many times that tren gets cloudy. Just do as Bill said and refilter. It will clean right up. I also am leaning towards only making my tren from only Finiplex. That way you know for sure what your getting. It is a PITA but piece of mind is worth something.


Whilst we're on the subject of brewing, can anyone point me in the direction of or PM me some solvent mixtures for various concentrations of gear? Most useful would be test cyp, nand phenyl prop (can you get 200mg/ml?), tren acetate and primo acetate. Cheers!


you sure it wasn't the st. patty's day product?


Yeah but when it's done filtering, it's crystal clear (like test, but with the obvious yellow color). Even after transferring it into the vials, they're clear. It's hours later when it turns cloudy.

I let the unfiltered solution cool off before running it through the filter, so I don't think it's precipitating from a drop in temperature.

And as far as the sediment goes, it took upwards of 10 weeks of sitting without movement for it to develop, and it's still a very small amount. It's not like it's sediment like in a water based suspension where you need to shake it up before each use; it's fine enough that it takes for fuckin' ever to settle.

I don't know. I'm not really complaining, the end product is just fine. Was just curious to what it is. FWIW, it's 100mg/ml with 2/20 and grapeseed oil.



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I have been using crashed gear for months now with no problems, I just warm it up, it returns to oil form and hey presto!


Come on guys, someone must have some info or links. Solvents please!


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Cheers for the reply, do you know what the max concentrations are that I can reasonably get for test cyp, nandrolone phenyl prop, primo enanthate, tren acetate, deca, and boldenone undec?

Since boldenone undeclynate is a liquid, does that mean you can make silly high concentrations?

Thanks for the info.




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Cheers for the help guys, T-Driver some great info and bushy, thanks for the numbers. Straight EQ? That's gotta hurt surely?


Ok fellas, finished up my first batch of cyp yesterday. 2:10 BA:BB Grapeseed. 200mg/mL.

After sitting overnight, its crashed out somewhat. Its just the beginnings of a full crash (wispy crystals).

Should I.....

1) Add more BB and re-sterilise (hassle)

2) Just warm it up before injection each time

I shot some yesterday and it was smooth as silk. That was before it crashed.


I would just leave it and not draw out the crystals when drawing the injection. If the amount is minimal to the eye, it's not more than few milligrams.

It's not that you'd be getting a few milligrams per injection less than expected: you'd be getting a few milligrams less out of the entire vial than you had expected, if your weighing-out was perfect.

If it was imperfect, then quite possibly you'd still be getting more product than you expected, as the weighing error could well be more than those few milligrams.

If you see just a very small amount of material that is not dissolved, that means your vehicle is fully saturated, and it can't (not stably, anyway) be more concentrated than that. Why dilute it with more vehicle?

If your vehicle (oil plus cosolvents) was measured out correctly, then you have as many mg/mL as your planned vehicle can hold.