Any Bread With T-Dawg 2?

I have been on T-Dwag 2 for a little while now, and have gotten incredible results. The only thing I dont follow is I still go with the cheat day from 1.0 instead of cheat meal in 2.0 (what can I say I’m weak, I figure that will be the first change I make when I plateau).

My question is this, Im the master of low fat turkey sausage, I love the stuff. I would really love it with a roll. Since I know thats out what about a pita, same goes for tuna, I eat it every day. Plain right out of the can. Are there any breads that would be appropriate? Thanks in advance.

I think bread my definition has to be made of flour, and therefore high carb. You may be able to get away with some “high fiber” bread now and then, but the lowest I’ve found is about 8 grams of carbs for 4 grams of fiber per slice…way too high for a low-carb diet, unless you were to only have 1 slice a day.

You could have a crouton or two. LOL

No really if you are going to follow the T-Dawg as it is written, which I suggest before making adjustments the your carb allotment is better spent on things other than bread. Veggies and fruit come to mind first.

Stay away from the frankenfood (LL term) soy protien low carb bread also. IMO

Probably not what you wanted to hear, hope it helps however,

Phill, I completely second that low-carb bread crap. If you’re going to eat bread, BY DEFINITION you are consuming a carbohydrate rich substance that was designed, flavored, and created to operate in such a manner. Idiots at food marketing industries have contaminated the whole grain, whole wheat segment of the market.

I accidentally bought soy-filled “low carb” 100% whole wheat bagels that tasted like absolute crap. God, I have never tasted a more hideous bagel. The texture was completely wrong, followed with a pungent and naseauting after taste.

I also had this experience with “low carb” whole wheat tortillas, that, yet again, I assumed were your standard run of the mill whole wheat. WRONG! God almighty I never tasted such a retchid P+C meal in my life.

If you’re going to eat bread, eat it in the 2-3 hour window PWO, and make sure it is low GI. I’m not so much of a bread craver as a cereal craver - I get in my fat free milk and Post Raisin Bran PWO. I’ve noticed nothing but positive gains by adding the bran and raisins, and no fat gain whatsoever. Just be careful on portion sizing - 2 slices of whole wheat bread can top over 200 calories and a solid of 40g of carbs.

I use the T-Dawg diet as a framework, and then have modified it to include elements of Berardi’s Massive Eating. I care much more about protein intake (which if you’re doing properly, should be making you full enough and satiated that eating bread ontop of all that protein rich good stuff would be insane) and absolute calories than specific grams of carbohydrates.

I’m one of those people that if I count everything, I become obsessed with food, think about food way too much, become miserable, and have cravings. I find that if you just stick to reasonable portion sizing, you can guess-timate the amount of calories you’re putting in your body pretty well.

Anyways, the moral of this digression is that don’t be afraid to experiment, but only experiment after you go through the non-grain adaptation phase. For me, this took about two weeks before cravings completely left me. I found my grain cravings subsided as I relied more on vegetables and fruits for carb sources. Now I crave those things far more than I do bread.

Good luck - be strong, lift big, eat clean, and fear the soy.