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Any Bowhunters on T-Nation?

Just out of curiosity… I’m currently killing time until I can get the in the shower and spend the rest of the evening in my new stand location…

Anybody else?

Not a bow hunter, but a rifle and muzzleloader hunter (I am). Tree stand, I take it you’re hunting whitetails then in the midWest or South? Good luck on your hunt!


I bow hunt white tail here in missouri on occasion. Haven’t got to bow hunt this year and only 2 days last year.

I still enjoy going to the bow range and putting in a few.

I can’t hit shit with a bow, so it’s muzzleloader and rifle season for me. This is the first year I’m actually going to get to do some hunting.

I am a javelin hunter.

[quote]jasmincar wrote:
I am a javelin hunter.[/quote]

Yeah right you big bullshitter. Anyway, I sometimes go ultra old school and teeth hunt so I got you beat anyhow.


yeah I hunt whitetails up here in MI… I’ve been saving for about 3 years for an archery elk hunt… hopefully before 2015…

Just got a muzzleloader last winter… hell of a lot of fun

Why would anyone want to hunt bows?

[quote]jasmincar wrote:
I am a javelin hunter.[/quote]

javelin is WAY more bad-ass

except no one actually does it

theres a video floating around the web of some kid spearing a yearling… pretty bad ass