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Any BIG Newbies?


I'm 6' 6" and 328lbs. Looking for newbies and oldies that are about the same weight and height. I'm just starting to get into powerlifting and would like to see numbers everyone is pulling/pushing.

My main (best) lift is the squat.

Please post your logs if you have any.



I hate you for being so tall.

Hate hate hate you.....


Thanks Rockula, I guess you'll look up to me eh? rim shot


Oooooooohhhhhh buuuuuuurrrnnnnnn

Asshole lol welcome to the site man.


6'5", 350lbs. <--- Soon to be former fat boy

Been working out and trying to get in shape since September, though I've always been quite active, more so then most people might believe given my size.

Not surprisingly my best lifts are my legs. I haven't been squatting much recently because I have some inner ear damage I'm trying to deal with. I've been hack squatting (machine) and a leg pressing though.

I did a leg press workout today (laying leg press, not sitting) -

16x90, 8x180, 8x270, 8x360, 8x450, 8x540, 4x8x630 -- All wide stance, full range of motion trying to keep slow/smooth.


8x540, 8x270 close stance

followed by -

8x270, 8x180 and 8x90 single legged

finishing with -

48x90 feet touching

Hamstring curl machine - 4x10x'21' (2 off max, not sure what that equals)
Calf Raises - 4x10 while holding two 45lb plates

My upper body sucks by comparison....(not that this is amazing or anything)



Thanks man.

Very cool. I'm currently having an ear issue you myself. HATE that more than anything in the world. Good numbers there, I appreciate the post.

BTW, I'm not muscled up at all, I'm a tall fat chub. So I too will be a former 340lbs + fat boy.


Keep in touch here, or PM me and I'll give you my info for an add on Facebook. It would be good to keep in touch with someone in a similar situation.


Great idea! Maybe we could challenge each other and keep each other motivated. That's the reason I started this thread.

I PMed you my FB account.


Long time no post.

Been posting at the StartingStrength forums.

Doing the SS program to get a base developed then I hope to go to a more advanced program.

So anymore big guys around?

Here are some videos of me lifting.


you have one arm??

idc what you squat, balancing a bar on your shoulders with one hand is both stupid and admirable. kudos for the effort.


OP can probably dump the bar off his back just as easily as anyone else , so Im not sure about the stupid part .

but definitely agree on the admirable part . quite inspiring . I get that you probably seek no recognition for your efforts , but you get a big fuckin' dose of Hell Yeah ....nicely done .

I feel like a bitch sometimes


Stay motivated!! Im 6'6" and was about 280 at my heaviest absolutely no muscle mass or desire to workout. basically I was a decent athlete in high school who let myself get out of shape.

Ive been hard at it for about a year trying various diets and exercise programs Im now 238lbs and around 18% BF and the multitude of small problems I had when I used to shovel garbage down my throat have vanished (heartburn,joint pain,acne)...

Just keep in mind if you want to do this its a life style..dont think to your self just 6 more weeks of eating nothing but chicken and veggies and I can go back to eating cheese burgers and fries...its a life long commitment take it slow and steady. Best of luck to ya!!


Big guy over here too. 6 feet tall, 290 lbs formerly 310. Dorian Yates is my ideal body.

Best lifts:
Squat: 200 (I suck, I know).
Deadlift: 315.
Bench: 225.
OHP: 115.
Barbell Row: 180.

That one armed squat is fantastic bro. Badass, keep at it.


Yes, only one.

Even my wife states I'm stupid but, just not in reference to weight lifting. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I'm just trying to get stronger.


Thankfully, I haven't had to dump; yet. I've worked it over in my mind a lot as there were a few times I thought I was about to.

I appreciate it. I am just trying to improve myself and if I inspire others, great!

My wife says I'm a "picky bitch". Does that count?


I definitely am staying motivated. I'm keeping it going by setting small and obtainable goals. (Just hit one a week ago and that was to squat 300lbs+). The more smaller goals I hit, the more I stay motivated and I know the little ones will chomp away at my biggest one. (600lbs squat RAW.)

I'm eating clean (now). I too played football and everything in school. After school, life slapped me really hard and work; work; work. Hence the fatness... laziness, sitting on my ass all day, having kids... Enough...

Now I'm lifting.

Thank you.


Those numbers are great. We all have to start somewhere.

My best lifts:

Squat: 315X5X3
BP: 80X5X3
OHP: 65X5X3
DL: 235X5X1 (with wrist strap)
BBR: No idea. :slight_smile:

Thanks man. I'm aiming for 600lbs so, it's going to be a long journey. :slight_smile:


This is my last heavy squat session. I'm doing the StartingStrength program and I hit 315lbs 1.5 weeks ago (Feb 3rd.). I took a week off and started again yesterday and deloaded. (285 working set).

Here is the video:


Amazing bro!! You should throw in some DB cleans and some overhead presses!! This is fucking awesome. Im Just thinking that getting some extra range of motion movements like even a DB clean and press would probably be a strong man lift that you might enjoy. I know I do!!


Like this but without cheating with the other arm (obviously).
My max ever is 105x2 each arm. It was kinda a big deal for me.