Any Benefits to Krill Oil?
i heard of this stuff in the summer… said to have the same benefits as fish oil. anyone ever use it?

I can see how it would have the same benefits as FO, and the asta/cathaxanthins are a nice addition. However, the hype that I have heard around it, at least in my area, has caused the price of krill oil to become ridiculously high. If one were to compare the EPA/DHA in FO and Krill Oil (KO), KO would probably be over 10x as expensive.

So benefits, sure, more benefits, if the astaxanthins help, cost-effective, hell no (at least right now)

yeah true about the cost. except they have it cotsco for pretty cheap haha

i just started taking it when my FO ran out and it was on sale at the local whole food store… ill report back if i notice a difference in a month

i bought into the marketing too, took it for a month, only thing i noticed was that i became sick

youre probably putting more toxic chemicals into your body than anything positive, the water where they get krill from is very polluted

krill oil is hype, the dha and epa content is a fraction of what you get from Flameout or any other decent fishoil

Krill oil is actually very good. It is very “clean” -meaning that krill typically contain less heavy metals than most fish used for their oils.

Unfortunately, it takes an awful lot of krill (they look like very small shrimp) to make just a little bit of oil. Additionally, we are finding that krill harvesting en masse is detrimental to the delicate balance of the oceanic eco-system.

In response, many ethical and environmentally responsible companies are choosing to abandon their krill harvesting operations to protect both the species and the eco-system.

Bottom line…if you choose to take krill, it would be wise to investigate your sources. How is the krill being harvested and how is the oil being processed? Chances are, you have better options.