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Any Benefits In Taking DHEA?

What are your opinions of taking supplemental DHEA as far as weight training goes?

  • Are there any benefits?
  • Are there any concerns?
  • What dosages are optimal?
  • Should it be cycled? If so, how long and often?

The pros and cons, dosing and effects are all over the place for dhea. Some call it an adaptogen, I call it unpredictable.

I used it for quite a while and felt pretty good, energetic and whatnot, but there were some underlying problems developing that confound anything that could have potentially been gained from its use.

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A good question RT!

I recently did some reading on DHEA. The problem, as I see it, is that the individual hormonal response can’t be controlled with such a “prohormone” - meaning there is a risk that the effect (if any) may be negative. Some providers even suggest doing a PCT afterwards - which seems a little over the top for such an unpredictive supplement. The more serious brands are also quite expensive.

My recommendation is you try ecdysterone instead. Backed up by recent science and also harmless. Though, choose your brand wisely, as the concentration of active substance vary from none to as specified. There is a company fulfilling pharma criteria from Bulgaria shipping worldwide (use google for ecdysterone and bulgaria + check the latest german study on the subject for an interesting read). Sorry for hi-jacking this thread.

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