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Any Benefit to Pushing Good Levels into High End?

Sorry for the long post - Basically I’m just curious if I should keep a protocol that is working or try to push a little higher within normal ranges if next bloods show there is room.

Back ground:
I went to a clinic about 4 months ago after doing a little research. I was skeptical and planned to try it for a few months but I’m all in now. I’m 42 and I suppose I have been comfortable for awhile with the way I feel because I didn’t realize what I was missing anymore or that it could be improved. I’m genetically thin, eat fairly well, rarely drink, no smoking and lift weights. Mentioning this cause I don’t think my lifestyle is horrible, if there was something I could have done to improve levels naturally.

Particularly I had no libido, weak ejaculation, and little sensitivity - I really didn’t like to be touched cause I got nothing out of it and I dredded being intimate or saw it as a chore just to try and keep the physical part of my relationship up. I definitely would crash after work and had a hard time completing work outs or making any progress. I also had a comfortable boredom, I’d say I wasn’t full on depressed but I just felt unmotivated or excited about anything. Also memory and concentration problems.

Those symptoms have all improved so much I couldn’t see going back to before because life just feels better. The only reason I mention all of this is because I really like where I’m at and don’t want to mess anything up but I’m curious if there could me more. Maybe more fat burning (I’ve always been skinny but keep a layer of fat over belly, ect) or well being to be had.

Before TRT at the clinic I got 185 ng/dL at 3pm and at my regular Dr 420 ng/dL taken at 8am. Even though 420 was within lower range I went with the clinic to try.

They started me at 150mg of test and 500iu hcg. Nothing happened til the 3rd week and then I started to feel libido come back. After 6 weeks they took blood and my trough was 500 I believe. They then bumped me up to 180mg a week and since I experienced a big up and down we split the shot to every 3.5 days and added another shot of hcg 500iu because I mentioned fertility may be important to me and I also think I like the feel of hcg (but could be in my head).
My E2 came up from like 12 to high 20s and they gave me a .25 tablet of AI once a week. I took that for two weeks then asked to try stopping it after reading on this forum and elsewhere its not needed.
So its been about 4-5 weeks at 180mgs and 1000iu HCG split twice a week. This is working for me and I’m happy. I’ll have to wait til the next blood draw to find out where I stand but I’m curious if I come in at 700-800 should I just stay where I’m at since things are good or is there potentially anything more to be gained going to 1000-1100?

I believe I read a post or two that said there is little evidence of gaining anything if you’re already in range. Anyone experience anything differently. The clinic seems to have targets they just try to hit for E2 and test. I’m thankful to have read posts on here that suggest letting E2 ride for some time to let the body acclimate - that worked for me. For Test same thing, they’re try to get you to a number unless I say something.

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The whole point of TRT is symptom resolution. If you’re better, are you trying to get better than better? If the protocol is working and you have no symptoms, I wouldn’t touch a damn thing.

Un freaking real that they gave you an AI with E2 in his twenties. That’s nuts.


Thanks for the response, I think you’re right I have a good thing going.

I forget their scale for Estrogen but I was at the end of it on 150mg, 500iu HCG. They said 1/4 of the pill was very small but I had a feeling if I started on that it wouldn’t end. I’ll be curious to see where my Estrogen ends up with my higher dosage but twice a week, we’ll see shortly.

Do yourself a favor. Pretend estradiol doesn’t exist. You’ll thank me later for a number of reasons.

Opps! Don’t do that.

Nope. Don’t do that.

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Yes, do that.

“Un freaking real that they gave you an AI with E2 in his twenties. That’s nuts.”

Commonly seen with certain practices, and regardless of labs. At least this one didn’t start him with it and based it on clinical findings, even if it was wrong.

Well they are for sure working off my labs and I’m happy they’re listening to me and allowing me to make tweaks to my protocol based on how I feel. I’m satisfied with the experience so far and have nothing bad to say about my clinic experience.