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Any Benefit to Progesterone?


Was wondering about any information on supplementing Progesterone. Is there any benefit from this? If so what would the dose be? I am currently on 200mg/wk cyp. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Talk to your gynecologist.


I'll take that as a "stay away from" supplement.





Actually, progestrone is produced in the testicles in men, and those on TRT may be deficient. It is an important hormone that regulates mood and helps in cortisol production. Ask this on the T-Replacement forum and you may get a better response.


Yes, I expect it is best to have progesterone levels within the male normal range, and there is such a thing as being lower than that.

I don't have experience though in adjustment of progesterone levels.

Other than that I once accidentally took 25 mg orally, thinking that the syringe it was in had my oral dose of letrozole.

Strange experience. No wonder women are confused. Really.


use pregnenolone instead as it helps back fill any hormones suppressed by T like prog and dhea etc.


lol, quote of the week.




It was really quite eye-opening.

I didn't know at first that that was what I had done. We were at a nice hotel. I had great trouble finding my way back to the hotel after driving out for breakfast. I literally had no sense of direction. I just generally felt confused as well.

On getting back to the hotel, we discovered that my wife's progesterone syringe was gone and my letrozole syringe was still there. She had put away some things and I'd mistaken one for the other. So at least, now there was an explanation for my condition!

It was time to leave the hotel, but she didn't really trust me to drive at that point and I have to agree that that was a good decision. The hotel has nice premises though and things to do on the facility and they allow guests to stay for the day if they want, so that worked out okay.

However on checking out, on intending to leave the maid a $5 tip, I left a $50 without knowing it. Fortunately my wife went back in the room and discovered it.

Estrogen, and even more so progesterone, are, when in excess, profoundly mild-altering drugs. They are the hormones that really should be controlled substances. :wink:


This is great stuff.

So what is the take-away from this? Are all women in a mind-altered state due to their high level of progestrone? Was your wife's dose higher than the "normal" amount that women produce? Or are men affected differently by the same dose?


I don't know. There probably is an adaptation effect, of becoming able to function despite the drug. Rather as a Vicodin addict, for example, can function on doses that would have other people completely laid out. But the function certainly is impaired.

It was interesting to me that sense of direction was lost.

The 25 mg/dose actually was a low one for a woman. The usual dose by injection is 50 mg/day and I think that that is to normalize levels when they are low rather than to create supraphysiological levels.


That is incredibly interesting and hilarious at the same time. No doubt one could begin to draw many conclusions as to why women can't drive, have no sense of direction, and in general are quite spacey.

In all seriousness though, I notice substantial changes in my old lady when she is on or off birth control. I'm just not sure which is better, lol.