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Any aussies out there?

I’ve just been moved down to Australia for about a year and a half. And I already miss my Biotest. I know, I should have brought a stock of Tribex - my fault. I’ve been scouting around looking for Biotest products and nobody seems to have them.
Any aussies reading this - be able to help me out. Does Biotest have a dealer here?
Since I’m not too sure of the Aussie red tape - I’m a bit anxious about ordering the stuff from the States. Man, I do wish I could order Mag10.
Some help please…

It’s a bummer isn’t it! BioTest stuff is fairly hard to come by. I have seen Tribex, Methoxy7 (Old formula), ZMA and Ribose C. Most GOOD health food (Focusing on Sports Supplements)stores should have something… If in doubt, you should be able to mail-order from Body Performance Gear in Perth (www.bodyperformancegear.com) They seem to have a fair range. You won’t be able to get pro-hormones or Ephedrine containing supplements and i seriously doubt that MAG-10 will make it into the country.

Hey bud, MS is spot on. I’ll add that you could try importing it from the States, but Aussie customs are hard-arses, they’ll probably nab it and you’ll have blown a shite-load of cash…!

On that note. I don’t suppose you guys know if BPG has T2Pro or the New Methoxy7?

Do a search on this forum. The thread was titled “Aussie Problems” and it has a the contact details for a few guys who sell Biotest (including mine)

I’ve successfully ordered T2 online from an American supplier. You won’t get any andro or ephedrine products past customs. You’ll have no worries with Tribex though. The flipside is that you’ll be living a pretty cheap life in Australia given the pitiful state of the dollar, so the supps won’t be breaking the bank too much.

hahaha…stupid aussie…
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Could someone give lazyeyepsycho his medication…Steve,what state are you in? You can order over the net as the others suggested,if you are in Melbourne and need stuff right away there are a few stores here that sell Biotest-Evelyn Faye and Melbourne Discount Heath Foods in the City,GNC at Malvern,or the cheapest is Health For U Discount Health Foods in Chapel Street ,Prahran.

boombam - thanks for the Melbourne info. I’ve always ordered my supps online, so I might check out this shop in Chapel St. if its the cheapest, although Malvern is a touch closer…

Lazyeyepsycho - did the kiwis finally beat us at something? OK we’ll chalk one up for them. That makes it Australia 452891, New Zealand 1.