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Any Audiophiles or Hifi Nuts?


This may fall flat on its face, but anyway...

Do any of you guys share my second passion? Post your system, speakers, cd, turntable, amp, cables etc, etc... It's always interesting to see peoples level of obsession/OCD. I'll post my system soon.


Im going to try to learn some VST stuff soon. Got a beginners book in the mail coming. I hope it's beginner enough for me. Im a n00b.


A buddy and I have a small recording studio setup, we use RME and Apogee A/D and D/A converters, all mogami wires, and a set of Mackie monitors. Also an Audio Technica 4050 mic. Not top of the line, but good enough to get a professional sound out of our setup. Started in high school with recording and mixing music, sort of lost interest a little last year when I got into lifting/nutrition. Its a great, albeit expensive, hobby to have.


That's something I would like to look into in the future, but I'm more of a listener than a creator at the moment. Do you have a system, or are you just getting into it?


Yeah, the expense is a killer. Me and my dad buy and sell a lot of equipment on ebay so I get to use things that would normally be well above my budget. I'm going to buy a pair of $17000 speakers in a few weeks second hand, but I know that at the price I can get them for I can sell them in a few years and not loose a penny.

I'm really interested in sound engineering as a future career, I'm a teacher now, currently in Istabul. Is there much money in it?


Not really, I make more with my manufacturing job than I would being a sound engineer. More of a "for the love of music" kinda thing, especially if your area doesn't have much of a market for it. What brand are the speakers you're getting?


My name is Dr. Pangloss, and I have a confession to make:

I've never downloaded music.

Anything I want to listen to, I buy on CD for the sound quality. And lest you think I'm some old Luddite, I'm in my 30's, I use my Xbox to stream Netflix, love my Tivo, etc. I think in some sense, our ears are more sensitive than our eyes. Or, our eyes correct for visual noise better than our ears correct for auditory noise so good equiptment is a must for me.

My main home system is Rotel amp and pre-amp, California Audio Labs CL-10 CD player, Nakamichi RX-505 (with UniDirectional Auto Reverse!) cassette deck, Marantz tuner, Tyler Acoustics D3s.

My pride and joy at another residence is my Beomaster 8000. The record player uses a quartz controlled electronic flywheel rather than a motor and you could skip tracks with the tangential arm much like you can on a cd player.


If I want to hear some good sounds, I just hop onto this thing and go nuts.


I enjoy destroying my ears with large subwoofers.


My old car setup:
-alpine head unit
-4 infinity kappa perfect 12.1 subwoofers
-4 mtx thunder 6500d mono block amps
-1 mtx thunder 4 channel amp (I think 6704)
-500 pounds of dynamat
-alpine cd changer
-aux in for ipod
-infinity kappa perfect 6.1 components in the front
-infinity kappa 6x9s in the back
-5 digital monster caps
-custom fiberglass job in the trunk by yours truly
-2 replacement rear windows
-blown right eardrum
-miles of cables and rca wires
-cost = alot
-car that shook houses, other cars, set off car alarms 200 feet away, and was louder than an old school metallica concert = priceless.


I've been really into monitors and ear phones lately. I really want to try Audio Tecnica CK100s or Westone 3s.

Don't have that kind of cash, though :frowning:

What do you guys think of Bowers & Wilkins?

My relative bought some Vifa drivers and made the cross overs + enclosures to a 7.2 system powered by a Nakamichi amp (really old, but he had it lying around). Sounds amazing.

Oh, and anyone into VIDEO equipment? I got some questions...


I am only 26, but I've been into hifi for around 6 years. My system is:

Wilson Benesch A.C.T Loud speakers
Lyngdorf TDAI 2200 Room Perfect
Lygdorf CD-1
Project RPM9.1 Turntable
Nordorst and Vanden Hul Cables

Headphones are Grado RS1 and Modified Shure se530

I buy and sell quite a bit, hence the decent set up.

Bowers and Wilkins is a pretty good company when you get into the higher end stuff. Depending on your budget, the best speakers are PMC, Proac, and ATC within the midrange.


I am a student, so i don't have much money, but what i got i spend on supplements, concerts, Hifi and Vinyls.

my setup
pair of B&w DM 601 S3
Pair of Dali Ikon 2
Denon PMA-710AE
ARGON TT-1 Turntable
ARGON Sub 12"
and a shitload of CDs and LPs