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Any Athletic Trainers/Personal Trainers?

Is anyone here an athletic trainer and/or a personal trainer?

I would like to pursue both professions and I was wondering how much you would make and if it it a fulfilling career.


I’ve been a personal trainer for 4 years and am currently attending grad school for physical therapy. I love personal training, but the money needs to be a lot better. If I had better business sense I could get more out of it, but not nearly as much as a DPT initially does.

I think the actually vice for me is I feel bad charging people for something that just seems so obvious to me and would be common sense (especially nutrition principals).

Some people can do it. I personally am doing it until I’m done with school ( 4 years down, 3 more to go )

A personal trainer can make a little money or a lot of money depending on several factors.

Your general location may dictate your starting price. You can generally charge more in larger cities or places where people make more money.

As with anything, your connections will help. If you train the right person you’ll end up training more of the right people and your rates will go up.

Ultimately though, if you want to make good coin you have to make a name for yourself. It is as much marketing as it is training.

Sorry for not giving exact figures, but as with many jobs, the sky is the limit. It depends on what you do and who you know.

Having a good business sense and marketing yourself is BIG when it comes to making the coin. A trainer that doesn’t know shit may make more than a great trainer who has no business sense/personality etc. If you are knowledgable, know/learn how to market yourself to make a name for yourself, I think it could be a very good paying career. The contributors on this site are doing very well for themselves I am sure. Not only do they know their stuff, but they’ve all put themselves in position to suceed. I am trainer/strength coach and consider myself to be doing pretty well financially. But I wanna continue to learn, learn, learn so I will one day be in position to work w/ the top athletes or college programs out there.
So in conclusion, there a several factors that will determine how much you can make.