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Any Artists Here?


This may sound like a weird question, but it could potentially save me a LOT of money.

I'm a first year engineering student, and tomorrow we are suppose to get fitted for out jackets, and pay for them ($360 + more if I need it lengthened). After paying for this leather jacket I'll be almost broke.

At the same time tomorrow will be the voting for out year crest (the logo). Everyone is allowed to design a crest, and the winning one gets a free jacket. I'm hoping between now and tomorrow morning I can come up with a crest that will win.

I know most of you have more important things to do, but for those of you who are bored and doing nothing, I'd like your help. Ideas, designs, comments, ANYTHING would be greatly appreciated.

Here are the requirements (must contain):

  • The words �??Applied Science�??
  • The last two digits of your years (11)
  • Blue, yellow and red ONLY
  • A crown
  • The letter Q or the word Queen�??s
  • A maple leaf
  • The crossed geology hammers (optional)

Here is a gallery of past logo's:

If you visit many forums, you may see this again cause I'm posting it several times.

I'm gonna go eat now, then go to the gym, so I'll be back later.

Thank you


so let me get this straight...

You want some 'artist' (who by the way, never have free time) to design a logo for you, and if it wins, YOU get the leather jacket????



I'm not looking for an actual artist, just someone with artistic talent (not sure how you can say all artists never have free time anyways). If it wins, they get there logo put on a jacket, and I get a jacket (which they can't get anyways...)

I don't see why you have a problem with this. If someone asked me to spend 30 minutes of my day, when I'm not even doing anything, to save them 360$, I'd do it.

  • I didn't just ask someone to make it for me. "Ideas, designs, comments, ANYTHING". Ideas can take no time at all. You could have probably had an idea in the same amount of time it took you to type what you did.