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Any ART Guys on Here?

Ive got this issue which im hoping someone can help me with…

I have over-active traps and its made my neck very tight, i will notice it when i do chest exercise or alot with “push up plus” type movements

the tightness goes down the front of my neck (scm) across my chest/shoulder area and all the way down to my wrist. certain curling movements will give me a slight pain/tightness in my elbow and wrist and I feel it is all inter-connected somehow.

I bought Eric Cressey’s new book and i am doing the strength program, the warmups are excellent but I am still having a hard time addressing this issue.

i own a foam roller, lacross balls, the theracane so any reccomendation as far as trigger points or manual massage would be appreciated, thanks

The neck is really tough to work on yourself so seeking help from a qualified practioner in your area is probably your best bet. Cressey used to be in CT so posting a question on the matter in his Locker Room thread may lead to an ART contact in your area.

The front of the neck can tighten up due to the pecs and shoulder being too tight. Treatment will help but so will increasing the volume of upper back movements like face pulls.
My ART DC always works the front of my neck before doing my pec/shoulder area

saps, I beleive that’s one of the areas I need to strengthen. I am doing face pulls more often now, as well as alot of rotator cuff work.

I cant say enough about ART. I used my team chiropractor, who is ART Certified and he increased my ROM tremendously. The first few times I left his office I had the “shakes” but it was awesome. A foam roller is a must with tight muscles, but be very careful when dealing with any cervical issues. Make sure you educate yourself on that area very well.