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Any Areas to Focus On?

Current routine for bulking is:
Bench 3x10/8/6 done in a rest pause singles fashion
Meadows Rows 3x8-10
Weighted situps 2x15

OHP 3x10/8/6 done in a rest pause singles fashion
Trap bar dl 1x15, 1x12 superset with pullovers
barbell shrugs 3x8-10
lateral rasies 2-3x10

Squats 1x15, 1x12 superset with pullovers
barbell curls 3x8-10
close grip bench 3x8-10
farmers walks and wrist curls 2 sets

Gained 6 pounds so far over 4-5 weeks (152-158 @ 5’8"). stats (1RM) are 215 bench, 140 ohp, 335 squat and 375 dl (405 trap bar)
I’m thinking i could definitely add in some incline dumbell presses or flies for more chest, just want a second opinion.

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Look in good shape in the pic, just need some more overall mass.

For bulking you generally need a decent amount of volume and can get a much more effective routine off this site. This is three days a week with farmer walks…

This is great for moderate/ limited volume approach…

your balance is fine. You’re just small everywhere. Keep working, you’re headed in the right direction. I don’t think your chest is disproportionately small at all. If anything, you could emphasize delts. lateral raises would help.

Unless you are dramatically “enhanced” your balance will be genetically determined so do huge compound lifts usually heavy that will maximize what your genetics have to offer. Even dramatically enhanced individuals can’t truly overcome genetics. Look at Olympia contestants, they get on stage and at that level it is 99% genetic differences they are being judged on unless one of them messed up their peak.

Drop / For:
weighted situps / Lunges or Deads or Squats
Meadow rows / Power Rows or T-Bar Rows or Pullups (weighted)
barbell Shrugs / Power Rows
Wrist Curls / Grip Training (iso holds)

Dont Superset your squats, focus on your squats
For added Chest (press) add in dips (weighted)

Also, your physique looks very good imo.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone. For the sake of consistency I’m going to keep this routine but add in some things based on the suggestions (more volume, direct shoulder work, and I’ll experiment with different types of rows)

So I found a resolution that both fits the suggestions and keeps my schedule relatively the same, let me know what you guys think.

Using greg nuckols’ 28 free programs template, I came up with the following schedule: 2x bench intermediate, 1x deadlift intermediate, 1x squat intermediate.

Monday I would do the first bench day, wendesday i would to the deadlift day (including an overhead press taken from the assistance on the 1st bench day), friday would be squat and 2nd bench day

Here are the routines in case you guys arent familiar with them:

EDIT: would deadlifting Wednesday negatively effect squatting Friday?

doesn’t matter. if you’re lifting heavy shit, you will grow. Don’t get too caught up in the details. Sometimes I deadlift and squat on the same day. Sometimes I do it on back to back days. Sometimes I’ll go weeks without doing one or the other.