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Ok,im 23, been in and out of the gym for a few years now, never really having the time to do it seriously. Now that ive done my homework on how to build properly(me being a hardgainer type) i was goin to ease back into the gym..

Also while reading many articles i read a few about steroids and they didnt sound as scary as people made them out to be...assuming proper use.

So what i wanted to try was after a month or 2 at the gym maybe do a cycle or 2 and boost my shape up and then work on retaining it.

now my questions are: how many cycles would actualy be efficient? how do steroids work with hardgainer type? do i need anything else to come off these cycles? what might be good choice of prduct? or any oher advice would be appriciated.
We are assuming that they(steroids) will be used along with proper work out and nutrition schedule.

Sorry if im beating a dead horse here, i just wanted to hear it from someone with some experience as oposed to reading some un specific articles.




Most self proclaimed hardgainers should eat more. Simple as that.


ok simple...alot of guys on here...for instance the two that posted above me like to call people trolls. Its funny because they were once in your position...uneducated and i promise you they asked questions more than researched on their own. Which to me is a good thing, if you dont know about something ask questions.

Everytime someone comes on here and says they are gonna use stuff...people love to flame instead of giving advice, as if they are the only people worthy of using steroids. Thats a joke...it doesnt matter if you've trained 10 years or 2 weeks, you are eligible to use steroids.

Since this is your first cycle you should run something simple..like 2 types...one oral one injectable. Run a test cyp/d-bol cycle(specific amounts and milligrams you should research yourself). After your cylce you need to run anti-e's such as nolvadex or clomid to get your test levels back to normal. Any more specifics pm me.


Actually, you should be added to that troll category. The guy has never seriously lifted. Already proclaims himself a hardgainer. He's never had a successful run at bodybuilding learning how to lift and eat properly for a long enough period of time so eventually the cycle he runs would be maximized. But yet, the troll that you are, give him advice on steroids to use right off the bat.

I've seen your other posts too. Your a waste of human space on this board. Go crawl back under the rock you came from. TSB!


He's not even close to being ready for AAS. "in and out of the gym"..."I'm a natural hard gainer"...bullshit. He is a lazy twink that is looking for an easier way, and he seems to think that AAS is the missing secret.

Too bad the 'testes' have already been given out becuase that is the dumbest god damned thing I have ever seen posted here on T-Nation. Maybe you should go on over to World Class Body Building, or Anabolic Review.


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Hardly ignorant but clearly uneducated. Thats why i wanted to see some opinions.
And no, i dont want an easy way out, what i thought is "why not use the stuff if its there" but seeing the replys i see its probably not a smart ting to do.
so thanks.. i guess


You are ignorant. Not a slam. Just the truth. Read everything Berardi has written here. Read Lowery's stuff. Read Barr's stuff. There are incredible gains that can be made through diet.

And you have to train more often than just off and on. Two months doesn't even count as having started in my book. The main problem with this thread was that you had one of the biggest idiots alive jump to your defense. That sets off all kinds of alrms in my head.

The term hardgainer should be stricken from our vocabulary. Everyone - with a very few exceptions - can gain mass. Thinking that AAS will solve you ills will cause you way more problems than they will solve for you.

Don't take the flaming too hard down here. If you bounce back, you are only that much tougher. If you quit and run away - how bad did you really want it in the first place?

Eat big. Lift hard. Repeat that for a couple of years, and then see whether or not you want to try AAS. They are not candy. They can have a very very negative affect on you if you use them for the wrong reasons, or at the wrong time.


Rainjack, Bushy, Randman are 100% correct.
It doesn't matter if you use or not, if you want to grow, you still need to train and lift heavy. Also, most important, you need to be consistent with this training, diet.

If you don't have the desire to train on a regualr basis, why fucking go? Its wasted time. IMO.

Facko, the comment about the 10 years or 2 months?? What the fuck? You are basically telling every teen out there that yeah, go ahead its ok. Do you realize the potential for that comment?
Use your head man.
Comments like that are making a lot of other vets go to other sites, believe me on that.

Commi, Hang in there. It will get easier. These guys are trying to help you. Its just that the stupid ass comments (like above) get old sometimes. Fuck, I wish I was 23. You test levels are going thru the roof right now. Good luck.



I am a teen myself buddy...call me a troll but tell me how many other teens have actually gone out and researched steroids...atleast im somewhat knowledgable and I am training hard and eating right. You dont see me taking them...i asked about a cycle previously...but not because i was def going to use..just to see if my research had served me right knowledge wise. As for the comment someone made about the guy using steroids for an easy way out....well but everyone uses steroids as an EASIER way out. You know it isnt possible to look like coleman without roids but it is possible to look pretty damn big and good without them...so dont give the kid that BS. As for giving other teens the idea to go out and do roids...you guys yourself use them...so how you gonna tell some teenager who is diein to get a scholarship for football not to use...when you are using just for recreational reasons...if anything he is more justified. If this guys wants to use steroids then let him...whether it 2 weeks in or 10 years like i said before...its use is the same in both cases...its cheating either way...and its an easier way out either way. The only time i will agree with you that its the only way out is if you can prove to me you were at your max natural gaining ability..and the only way to get bigger was juice, in which case you cant prove that to me.


Facko, get the fucking point... I have never used steroids, some day though... If you have only trained for 2 weeks, using steroids would be stupidity. U have to have a natural base, if you dont have proper form, Post workout nutrition, etc. etc, diet, natural gains, using roids is stupid. A 17 year old looking for a scholarship as a justification to use AAS (over a 30 year old man using for aesthetic value) is more foolish because your body is teaming with fucking testosterone! U are pretty much already on steroids, ok, how about this, eat right, take ZMA 30-60 minutes b4 bed, eat upon waking from sleep and wait until your at least 21 (preferably around 25) until you take the plunge... or start now and have a doctor document your progress :slight_smile:


So this is what Randman was talking about in his "Idiots" thread.

I'm going to go on a big leap, because I don't do steroids, and don't know anywhere near enough about them in order to "advise" anyone on them.

But if you have never been to the gym, how can you call yourself a hardgainer? Do you think that if you do steroids and do a couple dozen pushups every night and go to the gym once in a while, you're going to get huge?

Man, steroids or not, its hard fucking work building mass. It took me years of fucking up and trial and error to get to where I am today (which isn't great anyway), and it was years of lifting wrong, reading the wrong shit, and not having my diet in order. Get the lifting/diet part right before you venture into the dark side.

If you're not a troll, and you actually give a shit, then hit the "search" thing at the top of the screen, and eat, lift, and sleep. There's lots of great programs out there. Go to it.

And as far as doing steroids for a football scholarship...well I really like Steroid Lover's analogy about an "ace card". Be careful when you play it...


I think you guys got me confused...im not the one asking advise about the roids...its the due who started the post lol...I already told you guys i wouldnt do steroids at my age and my training...but the person who started this thread said he wants to...so i might as well help him out instead of calling him a troll thats all.


You still have missed everyone's point (including mine) on this thread. You don't give advice to someone about taking steroids when they haven't even strung together two successful months of lifting ever. Are you really this stupid and dense? It's called reading comprehension. Read and understand. Or are you really this stupid and dense?


this is a weird point of view.
if you don't know how to walk, you should not even try to run...

easy :slightly_smiling:

to get the gain from a cycle you have to know how to eat, and train properly..

if he is an hargainer cause of his poorly diet.. which benefit he could get from AAS?


RANDMAN, I agree again. I didn't realize he was a teen himself until later.

Facko, Listen.

No Vet in this forum is going to give blunt, fucked up advice to anyone that is trying to understand. You are not even trying to understand.

Do some come across as smartasses? YES!
Are some sarcastic? YES!
It just comes with the territory!

MK, Rainjack, Juice, Bushy, P22, UBI and others are quality people that give good advice to others. They have taught me tons just from reading their posts and searching for their advice. If one of them tells you something its for your own good. If you can't understand that, then you DO NOT need to comment here again.