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Any Advice or Opinions?

Hello, I’m 19 years old, 6’0", 152 lbs with a relatively low body fat and I’ve been lifting for a few years now but still consider myself a beginner. I started out at 135 lbs and I’m trying to get up to around 185-200 lbs depending on how things go. I’ve never been active on the forums but figured I’d ask everyone’s input on my routine.

I’ve always felt like I may be overdoing things compared to most people as I train upper body and lower body each three days a week for six days a week total of training. My goals are mostly aesthetics but I still push the weights up as hard as I can.

Upper body days are:
Barbell Bench Press 3x8 w/210 lbs
Weighted pull ups (Wide grip) 3x8 w/70 lbs
Neutral Grip Dumbbell Shoulder Press (Seated) 3x8 w/50 lb dumbbells
Barbell Shoulder Shrugs w/straps 3x10 w/350 lbs
Dumbbell Lat and Front raises 3x15 w/15 lbs
Weighted Dips 3x8 w/75 lbs
Mid Cable Row 3x8 with appropriate weight
Superset Rope Pulldowns and Hammer Curl both 3x12
Superset Close Grip Bench and EZ bar Curl Preacher Curl both 3x8
Ending with ten two minute rounds on the heavy bag

As far as lower body goes the weights aren’t where I want them because I’ve been having hip issues since 7th grade from running so I feel like my leg development has been stalling so any hip friendly or beneficial exercise suggestions would be nice.

Leg days:
Hack Squats 3x8 w/275 lbs
Rack Pulls 5x5 w/300 lbs
Front Squats 3x8 w/200 lbs
Jump squats with 42 lb weighted vest 3x12
Heel raises with vest 3x25 (Adding more weight soon)
Barbell lunges 3x10 w/95 lbs

I take two protein shakes a day with beta alanine added and NO2 pills. I I’m more wondering if you guys would think I would benefit more from doing a one to two body part a day once a week kind of routine. Any feedback would be great! Thank you!

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