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Any Advice on This Routine?


I'm fairly new to weight lifting and I only have access to 95 lbs so I've started going for higher reps but I feel that my work out could be better. Can someone give me advice if this routine would work for gaining weight. Here is a typical week for me:

Monday- chest and triceps
Bench press- as many sets as it takes to get to 50 reps
Incline db press- 3x10
Db flyes- 3x10
Bench dips 2x15

Tuesday- Back and biceps
Pull ups- started at 20 reps and increase 5 reps each week
Db rows- 3x10
Shrugs- 2x10
Bb curls- 2x10
Preacher curls- 2x10

Wednesday- legs
Squats- as many sets as it takes to get 100 reps
Straight leg deadlifts- 3x10

Thursday- shoulders
Military press- 25 reps
Db shoulder press- 3x8
Lateral raise- 3x12
Band pull aparts- 3x10

Friday- repeat of Tuesday

I then repeat the whole process on Saturday as I've found it's easier for me not to take rest days until I really need them if I'm sick or anything.

Any input on my routine would be greatly appreciated.


yes it could be better.... get a gym membership. seriously


If I could get a gym membership believe me I would. However, being a teenager in a family with very little extra money that's not really an option. So I ask again, does anyone have any advice on this routine I'm enjoying it so far but feel it could be better. And please no smart ass answers.


Good luck with that.

Honestly, if you only have access to 95 lbs, you might be better off just doing push-up variations. And I don't see why you're doubling-up your back and bicep day. Biceps are neat and everything, but I'd double my leg day if I were you. For your squats, start doing one-leg split squats so you can get all those 95 lbs on one leg. When I started doing those I really noticed my quads and glutes coming along.

Requisite smart-ass answer: Get a gym membership. You're not going to get far with this.