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I got my blood panel done, because I have been feeling sluggish, depressed, and abosolutley no sex drive. I got my results and my T levels were 293 ng/dl out of a (241-827) scale. I don’t know but this seems low to me. My doctor said it’s normal? I don’t know about you but I’d rather be up in the 800’s. I just had another blood test taken, and this time asked to get my estrogen levels checked. Is this dumb, because when I asked the doctor if I could check E-levels it was like he didn’t want to. What up with that? The reason I’m wondering about Estrogen is because, when I put on weight I tend to put in on in the chest area, and I Think I may have Gyno. So couldn’t this mean I have elevated levels of Estrogen? Also I have never done any gear but have been wanting to give it a go. Any advice or reply’s will be appreciated- thanks…J

you need to find out what your free t-level is. With that information you may be able to figure out whether it is high/low. Checkout the article doctor dealer.

How do I have my free Testosterone checked? Thanks…j

how to check free flowing test?

You need to find a more open-minded, progressive doctor (hopefully you are not restricted by an HMO). For a list of progressive doctors in your area (if U.S.) check the Life Extension Foundation website. If you want to check them yourself (or your insurance won’t pay) read the article from last month (?) about saliva testing.