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Any Advice on Building an Ectomorph


okay so the proxy im using flipped up my first post into some triple post BS .

that said introductions and basics are needed for my question to be answered ( ie how to get passed 175 pounds.)

im 6'1
160 pounds 3-4.5% BF now after recovering from gastroenteritis.
I have a 4 day split routine.
supplements are creatine 189 off cycle right now.
and black powder from mri.
Im currently all natural other than those two. no juice.
my genetics are good if not great. only person under 200 pounds in my blood line is my mother.

I eat 6-8 times a day as much as I can. all the protein I can as well.
and am looking for advice on how to get to my goal so i can consider competing. I know some people think its gay to do it but I think that much work should be considered a sport.


Well, if you can eat well, then shooting up to 200 should be your immediate goal, because anything less than that is pretty damn skinny. I'm not sure what you can eat recovering from gastroenteritis, but try to eat a lot.

Focus on the basics and you will do well. By the basics I mean squat, bench, dead, military press, pull-ups, barbell rows, dips, and curls. Work these exercises hard and try to get stronger each week. With recovering from a disease and proper eating habits (a lot of calories and protein), your weight should skyrocket.


Im just like you. Only I started my Jr year in highschool at 130-135 lbs. Just keep it heavy and basic.

It sounds simple and annoying and well.....it is.

Dont focus on the "pump" that much. Focus on raw power for now. Trust me it will be worth it.


I recovered already. I eat tons. lol I try to any way. I do super sets 4 a day. two days in a row then one off. then two then the week end. I have the basics in my line up. lowered my reps some and got better results. Thank you for the advice guys. Anything else I can do ? I hate the word skinny.


gain 1-2 lbs per week. If you aren't gaining this much, either eat more, or workout less. There is no way around this. If you are doing 4 super sets per day, and aren't gaining weight, then either eat more, or cut it down to 3 super sets. If you aren't gaining weight, cardio should be the first thing to go. Then any exta-cirricular sports like soccer or basketball, and then start cutting out weights.

As a secondary goal, try to increase your strength in the 5-10 rep range. If you can significantly increase your strength on all the big lifts AND gain 1-2 lbs per week, you will be very happy with the results.


Thank you! yeah cardio went a long time ago lmao. uhg this IS annoying. I want to work harder for it! hahaha.


If you're eating 6-8 times a day and lifting hard you shouldn't be having any problem gaining weight unless your meals consist of half tomatoes and sunflower seeds.


nope lol sa day if they did.
break fast so far was 2 cups of oat meal, fruit, yogurt, 64 ounces of water, multi vita, ( and I add 4 eggs when i have time to eat them.) in about an hour Ill have pot roast, after that protein shake. etc like so till I sleep. I could get more shakes in I guess. lol gets $$ Im gaining weight just not quickly. only 12 pounds in 3 month 2 weeks.


Thanks so far for all the great advice!


When you wrote this, you thought it was a lot, didn't you?

If you rarely eat the "

" why mention them? For extra credit? Your breakfast sucked. It might not have sucked so bad if you actually ate the eggs everyday, but since you allow that to depend on time constraints, you clearly are lost on how important food intake is.

I ate 12 eggs this morning.


I ate 12 chickens this morning.


Just to piggyback this post, the eggs should be priority #1 in the breakfast, not the thing that gets cut out due to time constraints. Shit, for awhile when I knew I wouldn't be able to wake up in time to cook my breakfast, I'd hardboil a dozen eggs every night and make sure they were done by the next night, and I don't even like hardboiled eggs.


My goal is one full grown cow a month...minus hooves and genitals.

My May cow's name is "April"...ain't that some shit. She's half gone now so she clearly doesn't respond when I call her name.


well...while I value your opinion you don't need to be rude about it. I don't give a dam about extra credit as I do about results. and no its not a lot, Sunday I had 5 eggs, 4 cups of oat meal, 2 toast, 2 bananas, 6 ounces of steak, a shake and then 30 minutes later two egg sandwiches, one roast beef sandwich, and peaches. that was a lot for me. I was being honest about what I eat this morning. and what I was suppose to eat.

today was one of the rare days I didn't get them due to work constraints. no matter what I get 3.5-4k a day in caloric intake. and 200 grams of protein. (if not more.) my classes covered protein as = 1-1 1/2 gram for every body pound to grow. your diet is 70% of your growth potential. if not more on some people.


Why not drink a big protein shake with your oatmeal, gets the protein in faster than eggs anyway.


Forget about somatotypes - an ectomorph is a mesomorph who isn't eating and training properly.


dam dave , nice pic bro. ( says this in a very straight I hate for being bigger way.) ^_^


Purchase Scrawny to Brawny by John Berardi and Michael Mejia. Excellent eating and training plans well displayed and explained in the book. I'm an endomorph but still picked up a lot from this.


VERY funny. isnt chicken and turkey better for you as far as protein goes? but red meat has iron, and creatine too from what we learned.


what works for me is consuming about 2 grams or more of protein for every lb i am!

so for you it would be about 320grams of protein you want to aim for maybe more!