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Any Advice, GPA/Grade Problem


Hey, everyone. I'm going through some stuff, and I need some advice.

Here's some background information: I am in the tenth grade of a very difficult school with all of my classes being honors classes.

My Dad had been diagnosed with cancer a few months ago, and I have been incredibly stressed and rundown this whole school year.

Last year, I had gotten a 3.2 (if I had gotten 1% higher on my english final I would have gotten a 3,4) with all honors classes. This year, I've missed a lot of time (which I am trying to fix) from school from just being absolutely rundown, stressed, and sick. My grades are pretty mediocre; 90% in honors Algebra II, 87% in honors Biology because one lab fucked me over, 68% in honors history because my teacher has yet to put in two grades she is supposed to, and fucked me over big time with make up work/'late work' (I only had one assignment late, and that was only a day late because apparently I didn't receive the full handout for something), and 81% in honors English (I misundestood the directions for one assignment), and 83% in honors Spanish. To be honest the only grade I am happy with is a 92% in my Engineering and Design class.

I know I can probably still get a 3.2-3.3 if I try really fucking hard, and drop everything else in my life and get lucky, but I'm just overwhelmed.

Is there any advice people have other than the obvious "Grow a set of balls, and work harder."?

It depresses the shit out of me since I did so well this year, and I feel like I am working just as hard/harder and I am doing so shitty and I basically ruined my grades for this year. I had wanted to go to a higher tier engineering/science college, but I am not sure if that is even possible now that I have fucked up this badly just once.


Well, I might be talking out of my ass, but I dont think so.

STEM degrees are rare.

You dont have to be super special elite to hack into a job, you can be run of the mill STEM and you will get a job.

Average STEM is like super elite sociology or gender studies.


A semester of a 3.2 GPA will not destroy your chances of getting into a top-tier UG.

And you REALLY should be talking to your school's academic adviser or w.e. they're called about this stuff... Not some random internet forum.

Really, what is it with people asking for advice on random internet forums when the issue is best handled by specialized staff?


I think part of it is the anonymity and avoiding the "embarrassment" of asking for help. Another part of it is being able to better articulate your problem by writing it down... not that you couldn't do that either way, but few people look for a more objective way of decision making, let alone a sophomore.

OP, talk to your adviser... you may be able to take incompletes in some classes and make them up. Your teachers may also offer you some breaks (in terms of more work). Additionally, you may be able to switch out of the honors classes.

Since when is a 90 a bad grade?


I've got some good news for you. One day, in the not so distant future, your grades in high school will be absolutely meaningless.

Just keep them good enough to get into college, which, it looks like you shouldn't have any issues with.


You are being way too hard on yourself. It looks like the only grade that needs some attention is the history grade which, from sound of it, may sort itself out. No matter how feel you right now or what the people around you may say, remember that there is more to life than grades. Still continue to make a school a priority, but don't base your self worth on a percentage. That's just silly. Also, the admissions process for undergrad is VERY comprehensive. Much more than your grades will be taken into account.

I second the advice regarding seeing a school counselor. I also recommend visiting a college fair when you get the chance. You'll gain a new perspective on what schools are looking for and, more importantly, what you are looking for. Maybe even make some contacts. It also never hurts to really see that admissions advisers are people just like.

Hope things go well with your dad.