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Any Advice for Size?

Hey Coach,
I wrote this program with assistance from T Nation articles. I’ve seem to have consistently gained strength, but not too much size. Is it possibleto increase both at once? I do manual labor and walk around 17,000 steps per day [according to Fitbit]. I eat 2,600 calories per day (protein 175 grams, carbs 400- 500, fat 35- 40)

Program looks ok, other guys know better than myself though. What they will tell you is to eat more fat. 35-40g is pretty much nothing

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Who is the “Coach” you address? Did you intend to post this on Thib’s subforum?

You didn’t think we might need to know your bodyweight to determine if this is appropriate?

Anyway. Of course it is possible to increase strength and size together. It’s actually more difficult to do one without the other. That’s why weight classes exist in lifting… bigger guys lift bigger weights.

The bottom line is, if you’re not gaining size, you’re not eating enough.

I worked manual labor this summer, one thing I did that probably isn’t the most sanitary but I would keep a bag of almonds in my left coat pocket, and a bag of jerky on my right and I snacked on that all day along with eating a sandwich during my morning and after break, and smashing down 3 big meals. Breakfast especially

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Eat more

As above eat more. If strength is going up keep doing what you’re doing in training.

Load up on periworkout nutrition/supps like BCAAs. Perfect world get some biotest products like Surge

As doing manual labour can let things get a bit nasty once or twice a week :astonished: Good tips here…

That’s a very low amount of dietary fat - unless you’re very light. I would put that right at the bottom end for a 60 - 65kg male (i.e. some trying to shed away those last bits of fat). Even then, I’d rather have seen them remove most carbs before resorting to that low a fat level.