Any Advice Based on These Pictures?

Hi all, I’m quite new to the world of physique / body-building. I was hoping some experienced people could critically look at these pictures and let me know what areas of my body are under-developed and I should work on (and any advice on how to do that would be amazing). I don’t know anyone seriously into this so don’t know who to ask for help.

Thanks so much

What’s your end goal?

Simply… Add more muscle everywhere.

You could include your workout exercises, their frequency per week, sets, reps, and days off.

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I agree with @RT_Nomad. Add everywhere. If you want a specific muscle to target, then if I were you, I would hit delts. Unfortunately, your waist isn’t super narrow, and your shoulders are not super wide. Adding width by making your delts bigger would help in that area.

You have a good physique. Don’t take my pointers as an attack please. Wider shoulders would really compliment your physique though since you are already lean, and have some development. Your delts are not underdeveloped BTW, I just think you may need to overdevelop them to compensate for your frame geometry.


Hi, I absolutely take no offense at your comments - that is exactly what I am looking for. I noticed the delts look small so I definitely want to work on that. Thanks for pointing out the shoulders - that’s a good suggestion for getting more of a V shape.

Regarding abs, I also noticed that I don’t have that nice V shape. It feels very boxy to me. Do you think that is a matter of needing to cut more fat? Or build specific muscle? Or is that just my shape and I’m stuck with it?

Thanks so much for your help.

Do exercises that improve your weak points.
The absolute best and easiest cure for symmetry problems is more muscle everywhere.

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Lats, upperback, rear delts…all will go a long way towards building out the X shape you’re after.

In other words don’t skip your heavy rows, high pulls, shrugs, facepulls, rear delt flyes.

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You are probably close to as narrow in the waist as you will be. Building shoulders, and as another said lats is what will give you the v shape. Staying lean is also important for that shape.

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What do you do for your abs? Based on your profile pic, it seems to be working. I want to get better defined there

What are your goals? Nothing is really underdeveloped for a fit guy. You honestly look better than most posters on this site.

It is also hard to tell how wide your waist is because of the way you took the photos. You flexed your abs by crunching which shortened your torso. That is why your hips look wide.

You want to take the photos with a semi front relaxed pose.

I can’t say I’ve done any direct ab work in over 10 years. Front squats, zercher squats, snatch deadlifts, push press are all staples during my week that I think hits the core though.

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It seems for me the benefit of ab work is mostly in how I hold my stomach. I tend to unconsciously hold it in more after ab workouts.

Maybe my ab genetics are good? I have larger than average abs from compound lifts, but I don’t necessarily think that approach works for everybody.