Any Advice and Opinion on a Comeback

Ive been off training for about 2 weeks , racked up a bunch of weight kept alot of muscle but looking for a change. Depression and the fact my workouts turned into a job, i programmed jumped alot. But i found a old thread on here that mentioned a guy who had to a 4 month term and his body weight routine. Im nowhere near his volume , but as o writing this i did a upper body home workout and it kicked my ass. I was thinking of sticking with bodyweight for couple of weeks

Split upper, lower,abs and lower back x6 days
And a daily db circuit i found from phil daru
Its db clean and press, push press, rdl, row , reverse lunge he said use 25%of bodyweight but 30lbs was enough for me lol 5x5

Sorry for long post just looking to get back on track thank you!

I’ll ask (as no one else has yet), but what is your goal? How long have you been training? What programme were you following? Weight, height, age etc.

Any programme you ‘just try’ will be hard but it doesn’t mean its any better for you than any other. Once you’ve identified your goals people on here will provide some good programmes. Pick one you will stick to and follow it, get your sleep and nutrition in and all shall be good.

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Sounds like your goal is really to exercise and maybe get your weight into a healthy range.

Assuming that’s the case, you really can just do what you feel like. If the body weight stuff appeals to you, and you’re otherwise not going to complete your sessions consistently, I believe this problem has solved itself.

You’re lucky I’m not at McKinsey, or this in-depth analysis and subsequent recommendation would have cost 7 figures.

… How fat did you get in 2 weeks?


I went from 235 to about 247 /250 went on a just carb packed and beer packed binder

So you ate/drank 42,000 extra calories over the course of 2 weeks?

Or do you think maybe you weren’t paying attention to the scale prior to your layoff and aren’t accurately remembering your previous weight?

Goal as of now lean out a bit nothing to crazy. Goal is look like i lift as i cut , vut just to be overall fit i start a hob fiday with water company so its gonna be laborious, cant wait! Im 6ft 247/250 30 years old. Programs ive done is lower volume high intensity, like mentzer, doggcrapp. When i did the bodyweight, i was amazed at how much i had to cut back and was gassed out lol so i figured dedicate couple weeks into that before Hitting weights again and when i do a 531 approach

I was close 235 maybe 237. But when i say i got lazy i mean i got lazy 12 pack of beer , plus weekend drinking. All food was just packed with carbs and just ate and ate and drank …rough patch thays all

How often are you going through rough patches? You’d be averaging 3,000cal daily SURPLUS, which at your weight means likely 6k calories a day, everyday, for two weeks straight. All I’m getting at is either you have a horrible relationship with food, or your numbers are off a good bit (I believe it is the latter of these two).

You don’t lose muscle over the course of 2 weeks off, likely no muscle loss even after a month long layoff. Still, this is a good article on getting back in the saddle

If you haven’t done much for bodyweight exercises in the past, expect to be shit at them no matter what. It’s just like any other lift really; if you don’t train it - you’re probably bad at it… even if you’re good at a similar weighted counterpart to this.

I strongly recommend working towards a better relationship with food regardless; you don’t have to train to lose weight - you just have to eat right.

Good luck

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Third possibility is just a lot of water loading from all the sodium, glycogen and fluid consumed, along with holding food mass in the gut.


Yeah i mean ive been bloated continuously for last couple weeks ontop of lay off and poor lifestyle.Ive read a bunch of your threads definitely motivational. By any chance you have any ideas for six bodyweight workout complexes i do have 2 30lb dbs

Check out the website “wodwell”. You can find a ton of bodyweight and dumbbell exercises to do.

Appreciate it , and thanks for everyone chiming in really Appreciate it!