Any Advice about What Programs to Run

Ive been lifting for a little under a year now but i didnt start training for powerlifting until about 3 months ago. I tried stronglifts for a little but but i found that my deadlift wasn’t increasing because i would be so fatigued after my 5x5 squat that stalled on my deadlifts pretty fast. I find that heavy squats and deadlifts really just don’t work for me no matter how long i rest. To fix this i started the greyskull lp phraks variant because you never do squats and deadlifts on the same day.

Ive done quite a bit of research and i think that after i can no longer make progress on greyskull I will move to madcows 5x5 and maybe 5/3/1 after i do as many madcow cycles as i can handle. I think madcow would be more ideal for me over the texas method because the deadlift day hes such light squats i dont think it will affect my deadlift progress. Does this sound like a good plan, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

This is due to your body’s work capacity being low. What kind of job do you have? When I worked an office job and a restaurant job together, even tho I walked and moved a lot as a dish wash/cook, I couldn’t squat and dead together rarely ever. And if I did I get injured. Now, I work on pools and I can do it every session if I want. The more actual work you do, the more you can do in the gym imo. You can still build capacity without a labor job, its just takes more time.

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I’m only 17 so I don’t have a full time job I work part time at McDonald’s and I go to school

You can build work capacity by lifting alone. Doing some cardio can help too, but definitely don’t overdo it.

Look at Sheiko’s 3 day sample program on his site. Sounds appropriate for you.

You’re only 17?? Then how the hell have you ran all those programs properly then? Go back to one of them and eat like a madman. Also, when summer break comes around, look for a job being a brick mason’s job hand, a plumber’s job hand, or working some form of contracting. It’ll help get you yoked, your work capacity will go through the roof and you’ll make okay money. Better than McDonald’s anyway. Also, don’t try to make up your own program at this age man. Just do something tried and true until you get your numbers up and get a feel for your body a little better. Good luck man.


I worked for a mason for a summer. best and most physically demanding job I ever had. hauling block and concrete all day. I didn’t even think of lifting during the week unless we had a rain-out and were stuck doing fuck-around work. Great job for a young guy.