Any Advice about my Powerbuilding Program ? :)

Hello T nation ! :slight_smile:
It’s the first time I write on the forums, so let me introduce my self a while :
I’m a 21 years old guy, student, fan of Martial arts (I do MMA, JJB, wrestling and Judo).
Since 2 years, I do bodybuilding, but with class (law student) I don’t have many time to train, so I lost motivation. So I wanted to try Powerlifting, but I didn’t want leave bodybuilding besides. I started, some weeks ago, a Powerbuilding (I think we can call it like this), based on the 5/3/1 program of Jim Wendler.
For information :
My height : 1m79cm
My weight : 79.5 kg
My performances : 145kg Squat, 130kg Bench, 180kg Deadlift and 70kg OHP.

So I would like to present you my routine, and ask you some advices to improve it :slight_smile:

Squat 5/3/1
1a) Dumbell leg straight deadlift 5x10
1b) Ab weel 5x10
2a) Leg extension 3x15
2b) Leg curl 3x10-12

OHP 5/3/1
1a) Dumb.Bench Press 5x10
1b) Pullups 5x10
2a) Incl.Dumb.Bench Press 3x10
2b) T-bar Row 3x10

Deadlift 5/3/1
1a) Squat 5x10
1b) Hanging leg raise 5x10
2a) Leg press 3x10-12
2b) Lunges 3x10

Bench 5/3/1
1a) Dumbell OHP 5x10
1b) Barbell Row 5x10
2a) Upright Barbell Row 3x10
2b) Chinups 3x10

To win some time, because I don’t have a lot of time with MMA training, I work in supersets for the assistance work.
Thanks for reading me :slight_smile:

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looks decent, but I would do arms instead of 2x chins and row.

I’m not wild about supersetting the deadlifts with the ab wheel

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You think ?
Because when I did pure body, I discover that I haven’t to work arms a lot because they work with chest and back training and they grow like that… but you’re certainly right. Is it ok if I ad some some curls and vertical extension in superset, 2 or 3 sets, with low rest, in upper workout ?

If short on time try this -only three days a week and includes direct arm work…

The thing is I can train 4 days a week, that is just the time of the workout the problem :confused:

I don’t think there is great benefits in doing back 2x a week, once per week does the trick. Plus doing arms is easier for the nervous system and lets you recover more, which would be very good if you do martial arts too.

So maybe take out 2a) and 2b) from saturday and put a) barbell curls and b) barbell lying triceps extension.

That too.

The thing is that DB SL deadlifts are uneffective in my opinion, so at least injuries are less likely to happen than with a barbell SL/romanian deadlifts. If you want to do a superset with abs in a squat day walking lunges would be a great choice.

Okay, I will change some exercices to ad arms to my workout ! Thanks ! :slight_smile:
The LSDeadlift is here to focus the hamstring a little, and strengthen very
slightly my lower back, which is biased by my martial arts training and by
the DL :). But I think that leg curl isn’t enough for the hamstrings and I
fell the DL focus more my back than my legs

I think just building strength in a whole body manner is the basis at both higher and lower rep ranges. 20 reps squats as well as building the 1RM, same with front squats. Build the deadlift 1rm and Higher reps on the RDL/SnatchGrip RDL. Press, push press, dips, bench press for upper body pushing. And weighted pullups, and various types of rows for upper body pulls. Round things out with some upperbody isolation and extra hamstring work. Some direct arm work. I like to add in some strength circuits like snatchgrip high pulls and weighted dips.

I would substitute something for the Upright Rows. You’re asking for shoulder impingement with that movement. I’m not crazy about Leg Extensions either. I also agree with earlier comments about supersetting squats/deadlifts with ab movements.

I guess I am the only one supersetting my squats and deads with ab work.

I don’t understand why I shouldn’t superset squat and deadlift with ab work

Me neither. I like it.

I think they mean specifically the stiff deads with the ab wheel.

The wheel can be tough. Gym clowns often kinda sag in the middle and extend their backs to cheat through it. If you were a gym clown, this could set you up to do stiff legs with lots of lower back extension action. Ten sets of this could cause trouble for an undisciplined trainee, who was trying to use the weights for cardio.

But if you lock your guts in, and use the wheel correctly, your mid section/hips/abs will be so tight that the stiff leg deads work better.

Other than the fact that fatigued abs can really affect performance on squats and deads? The abs are very important in both of those lifts. Would you superset triceps extensions with your bench press or curls with chin ups?

I do chins and rows supersetted with curls.

I think I understand your opinion, and by the way you’re not wrong ideed… So I changed some things :
Now on Suqta day I do Barbell Leg Straight Deadlift (so much better than dumbell), superseted with leg extension or gobelet squat. Leg curl will be superseted with abs

I changed Incline bench press with Landmine chest press, because I feel better my upper chest with it.
I added some sets of barbell curl and Dips in OHP day.

For the Deadlift day, I try Front squat, 'cause I have to learn that movment, I’m so shitty on it… And it’s superseted with Lunges. Leg Press will be superseted with abs I think… unless you have a better idea ? :slight_smile:

On Bench day, I added some hammer curl with close grip bench press :slight_smile: