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Any 300 Lbs+ and 6'3 Lifters Pull Sumo?


I'm almost 6'5 and about 310. I pull conventional and it works for me. Wondering if any other guy out there about my size/weight are pulling sumo and how it is going for you. Singingbear if you see this I'd like to get your feedback/ personal opinion since you and I are similar in age and size.


6'9 280-300 used to pull rounded upper back semi-sumo (a very stiff legged sumo) as easier to get bar off floor, and can move more weight. Now Im focussing on conventional with good form but thats another story. THe difference between the two is about 20kg. ie 220 conventional, 240 semi sumo


I pull conventional as well. Never tried sumo myself. I'm going to start adding it in to my program for the next couple months and see how it goes.So no experience with it as of now. If you look at all the top guys who pull raw. It seems they all pull conventional. Could be wrong on this. Just my observation.


wow, you are amazingly tall. I have zero reasons to use my leverages as an excuse.
Thanks for you opinion. I will try to add sumo to my program soon, semi-sumo sounds like it may work for me! thank!


6'3", pulled 660 conventional.

I am switching to sumo because conventional is hell on my lower back. It is a humbling experience.

  • I've been told by one guy that sumo works up until you get to some decent numbers - 6 platesish - when I would hit a wall and need to switch to conventional. Ie you need conventional to pull the big weights

-There's one guy who pulls around 400kg sumo - his name might be (or sound like) Malinchev. Not sure if he's broken the 900lb mark but he might be the only sumo lifter to break this mark. Can ayone confirm this? (Also can anyone confirm that there is only 20 people in history to have deadlifted, with any style, over 900lbs??? I heard this a while ago and am not sure if I believe it or if it is still the case?)

-Semi-Sumo allows me to get the bar off the floor easier, seemingly because the bar doesnt have to go round my shins/knees so much. I've never been able to deadlift without shin pads/guards btw (I tried for the first few months and I still have the purple scars on my legs to prove it)


Andrey Malanichev was the name of the guy:

2kg away from 900lbs --- check out the faint!

Nearly gets 417kg:


Ed Coan deadlifted 901 at 220 with a modified sumo stance. I'd say sumo is alright for heavier weights. :slight_smile:


im tall to just easin myself into sumo deadlits too, honestly? i do not feel much difference, my back is LITTLE less angaged in the movement...

sumo is better for taller people ? or conv? it always confused me...im 6,4 :wink: yeah bench sucks


Ed Coan's lift looks like he pulls with really high hips and with torso very much parallel to the floor - almost a stiff legged lift AND looks a lot like my own lift in the video above. Or am I seeing this wrong?


Ed coans hips are much lower than yours.... Also he drives his hips through a lot earlier than you because of his better starting position. I think you have perfectly fine leverages to pull similar to ed. Obviously you are a lot taller. But you need to open up your damn hips. Learn to push out the knees and get your hips lower with the bar closer in towards your hips. Then you can drive through the legs to start and finish with hips driving through at the end. Try to get away from this yank with the back then only put your hips through once you get to lockout.


Re-watch your vid 10 times and watch Ed 10 times. No offence, but your pull looks nothing similar to his. As said, you don't engage your hips at all. It's a stiff leg sumo deadlift. Not ideal....

And again for heavier weights, I've been progressing so much faster with sumos compared to regular deads. Switched exclusively to sumos last year and have started to pass the 600 mark (I think) and am not slowing down. Hopefully 700 within the next year or two.