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Any 2+2ers on Here?

Just curious to see if there are any 2+2ers/T-men around here. I need advice on how to manage both of these aspects plus college and baseball. Help…

What’s a 2+2er?

A double deucer? Sounds like a pretty solid shitting strategy…

[quote]LankyMofo wrote:
A double deucer? Sounds like a pretty solid shitting strategy…[/quote]

I can’t really figure out how that would work.

For those who don’t know, 2+2 is a well known poker forum for serious online/live players.

2+2 are the people that publish most of David Sklansky’s books right?

I’m a serious poker player, but I’m not a member of that forum. I do know of it and the publishing company though.


Yea LR, 2+2 publishes Sklansky’s stuff. It’s pretty much for poker what T-Nation is for bodybuilding/weightlifting, with a bunch of big pros to small grinders posting, with else everyone in between.

Aren’t you supposed to ask about the trout sleeping in the closet? Or something like that. It’s been a while since I was over there.

Sup’ bro!

I’m not a 2+2 member but I do read it a bit…particularly about that status of online poker at various sites and nationaly.

I’ve been a winning no limit smallish stakes player for about 6 years now. The government certainly didn’t do us online players any favors though.