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Any 100% Raw Lifters?


Anyone on this forum train or compete 100% raw? If you do tell me your lifts age and weight! Lifting raw is a favourite for me
Weight: 180
Squat: 295 x3
Bench: 205 x3
Deadlift 365 x3


My team (Team Force) regularly competes in 100% Raw meets, we are probably going to do their Federation championships in FL this year. I have too many to list but your numbers sound pretty good, although generally powerlifters reference their one rep max instead of a 3 rep max. But keep working hard and you'll get stronger, I was right about your age when I really got into it and have loved it ever since. Let me know if you have any questions about PL I can answer for you - 100% Raw also has its own forum on its website as another resource.


I used to compete in the APF back in 05 but this time around I am competing in the ADAU which is 100% Raw and drug tested. I don't have any numbers in this Fed yet as my first meet back, after a 6 year lay off, will be April 1st and they won't be close to the gear numbers I had in the APF, lol. Well won't be close until next year when I blow by them....lol


What is your definition of "raw"?

I use a belt on squat and deadlift, that's it.

Squat: 455, good for more though
Bench: 265 paused, 305 touch and go
Deadlift: 545
Good Morning: 435x3
Weight: 181
Age: 24


I am technically a raw lifter right now because I havn't gotten around to buying suits and shirts yet.

I have wraps and a belt but these lifts were done without them

Squat 385
Bench 235
Deadlift 405

somewhere between 180 and 190 lbs


I compete in the 100% raw fed. Good people. as for my age and lifts, you can check their site. I did the toronto open last month.


Why would he go check your lifts/age offsite? I doubt he cares that much. I know I wouldn't bother going to check...


wow Liquid Mercury, that is some GM


I'm competing 100% raw this summer in Alberta, Canada
Best Raw lifts are
Squat - 530
Bench - 350
Deadlift - 660
Bw - 181


Ha ha ye the reason i said my 3rm was becasue Im on the texas method right now and i havent test my 1rm for a couple of weeks. Thanks ill be sure to ask you anything if some questions come up. I wish there was some teams in Ontario close to where i live, I have to train at a commercial gym where I get yelled at for using chalk and do the odd grunt ha ha.


nice lifts


lol if i were to look you up, i would probably need you name?


I train 100% raw. Currently not doing any comps. Perhaps I will sometime in the future at some point. I focus mainly on the squat.

I also train alone. It is a life style.

Thumbs up for everyone else that has this lifestyle, it's a great one!

The added bonus is that you don't have to waste time on using PL gear.


That's a hell of an understatement. That total has got to be beyond Elite surely?


This summer In Alberta?! WHere?? Calgary?


It is. 1396 is elite total for 181.


Gotta define "raw." Everybody's got their own idea.

Also, anything other than a 1 RM is sorta useless. I know the calculators don't work for me. I can 1 RM my squat way higher than my 3 RM predicts. But I'm the opposite in the bench.


These are great lifts, the record for the squat is 511 or so, just recently set, so you should have a good shot at that one. That pull is pretty damn good too, good luck with it.


198: 452, 331, 463

Working on it...


I'm only 94.3% raw. I don't qualify.